Borderlands 2 DLC: Captain Scarlett and her Pirate’s Booty

The end of all the Borderlands 2 downloadable content is in sight with the conclusion of Captain Scarlett and her Pirate’s Booty. Leaving only one dlc left in the list which is Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt. Hopefully with most of the Borderlands 2 related stuff out of the way, I can get back into other games that are waiting in the works. I really should get back into Minecraft since it has been a while since I done anything on Minecraft. [Edit: by the time this is uploaded, I already done Hammerlock’s dlc]Captain Scarlett and her Pirate’s Booty revolves around the lost and fabled treasure of Captain Blade. Shortly after you arrive in Oasis and dispatching pirates attacking the town (and dealing with the creepy resident of Oasis), Captain Scarlett herself offers a partnership to find the treasure and invites you to meet her at her ship.

Until I play the Sir Hammerlock dlc, I am going to say that this is my second favorite dlc [edit: hammerlock and Scarlet are at a tie] so far since I liked the story-line and the length of the quests gave me quite an enjoyable challenge. I enjoyed the final boss battle and the seeing where Blade’s treasure was buried at. Was not too long but not too short either. The length was acceptable. Although that Oasis guy (Shade) and Herbert still creep me out, and I thought Tina was terrifying when I first was introduced to her in the game.

The introduction of piracy seems to be a natural fit into the world of Pandora. Both the vault hunters and pirates (or Scarlett in this case) are looking for treasure and taking things that do not belong to them by force. More so in the vault hunter’s case, as Scarlett has you doing most of the hard work for her simply because she can.

The quests were pretty good, with them spread out throughout the various locations. The new vehicle was a lot of fun to drive around, little too slow for my taste. Was hoping it be a little faster, I’m a speed demon. I FEEL THE NEED FOR SPEEEEEED! *clear throat* Moving on. I was really impressed with how expansive the world of Captain Scarlett was. The main hub of Oasis is massive on its own, with fast travel stations scattered throughout the landscape. From Oasis, there is the abandoned docks, to a Hyperion refinery and to a literal paradise in Hayter’s Folly. It makes a nice change from Pandora’s relatively frozen landscape (Tundra’s express for example).

Although the enemies and quests scale with the player, it is recommended to play it once you finish the normal (first) play-through before taking it on. The story is completely independent from the main story-line with its own chapters, and the design is more of a post-game dlc where it was intended to be tackled by players whom at least completed the first play-through.


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