Borderlands 2 DLC: Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt [Final DLC]

The end of all the Borderlands 2 related reviews has come at least. To wrap it all up is Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt! Sir Hammerlock awaits you at his camp and promises you, his favorite vault hunter a heck of a good time hunting wild beasts on the mysterious continent of Aegrus. Unfortunately, someone insists on interrupting your bonding time with Sir Hammerlock and your lovely hunting vacation.

 I had to admit that I had trouble initially with Hammerlock’s dlc for a while, especially on the second quest for the main story-line. Since it doesn’t really tell you where you had to go had to go, in order to reach the way-point. It was frustrating considering I figured the way there by accident while exploring the area in the hopes of figuring the way. Other than hitting that snag, the rest of the dlc went rather smoothly. Ignoring the other quest that can only be completed during Pandora’s night cycle (or was that two quests?).

The dlc is rather short in the main story-line with only 5 quests in total and about 12 side missions. The quests make up for their small amount via their length. Some missions are a bit more length than others. Not to mention you will be doing insane back-tracking throughout the various locations within the great game hunt. What I usually end up doing is completing all the missions within the area I happen to be in, then return back to turn them all in at one go. Usually to which quest giver is closer to me first, then return to the furthest quest-giver last.

I do like the antagonist of the Big Game Hunt. The professor who has a bit of a crush on Handsome Jack and is also a complete idiot. His crush on Jack is pretty much on the obsessive side. If Handsome Jack was there, I would highly recommend him to get a restraining order or kill the professor. No seriously. That guy has an unhealthy obsession with him. If you guys played this then you know what I mean. Have you seen the creatures he’s created?!

There is a quest that takes a long time to complete where you are hired to kill rare variations of each species in the game. I nearly completed that quest but it takes a while to find the special variations, especially since you need to get the kill-shot before the bandits kill the beast. I am not particularly a fan of quests that take a long time to do, because you got to hunt them down or wait for them to spawn and their spawn rate is not always reliable. It is a challenge though, get a sense of achievement to a degree (not really) when you complete the quest.

I did enjoy this, being on par with Scarlett’s dlc mostly because I found the professor to be hilarious. I really want the legendary weapons from this dlc now, especially the pistol. I need better weapons so badly that it is not even funny anymore, since I am debating whether to tackle ultimate vault hunter mode or not.


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