Broken Dimensions

Broken Dimensions is an indie puzzle/horror game developed by Team Twister that I found on Desura. I actually found out about this game from a live stream that I was watching on a while ago but refrained from checking it out, since I thought it was a paid game. Nope, turns out it was a free game to download when I finally did check it two nights ago.

I never did understand the story of the game. From what I gathered, you’re a kid in a chicken suit (perhaps it was Halloween) and you’re going house to house to collect candy. An old lady gives you candy and points you to what appears to be an Aztec temple of sorts (why it would be near a normal neighborhood is bit odd). Dedicated to your candy collecting quest, you make your way into the temple. Is that how the story goes? I am just going based on the images you see from the game menu.

image taken by Team Twisted

Once inside, you get a quick tutorial of the game’s mechanics such as movement and how to manipulate the environment around you. You are greeted by a “lovely” female ghost dressed in white. Her voice totally lulls you into a sense of security with promises of guiding you to safety by leading you deeper into the bowels of the temple, so you may escape the temple. Why not just go back through the way you came from? Well, the entrance somehow sealed itself behind you.

The puzzles are rather linear for the most part, rotating the room around to reach the next section of the temple. Not sure the purpose of collecting candy, since I know the only importance of collecting candy is that it is the energy for the ghost lady. The puzzles do get harder once you get into the creepy aspect of the game, when you anger the ghost and she tries to murder you basically.

Not sure what to think of the ending of the game, to be honest. It becomes rather surreal towards the end. I have no idea what is up with that, I just know you got to land on the heart (literally) within the ghost’s domain. The ending seems to suggest that you overcame the malevolent entity within the temple since you skip merrily away into the sunset at the end. It does leave me questioning whether it was correctly categorized under the horror genre. It seemed to be more of a puzzle game that had few horror elements thrown into the mix. Not saying that it was a bad thing, it certainly changed the atmosphere of the game and gave the puzzles a new twist. Certainly did not terrify me enough to stop playing the game.

image taken by Team Twister

On a side-note, I found the player’s falling and walking animation to be extremely adorable. Flapping his little hands to slow down his descent and slightly awkward running. Although.. I do wonder why he thought it would be a good idea to go there in the first place, to collect candy. Not a safe place at all. At least he had the ability to rotate the world in his favor. Good puzzle game with great puzzles. The pacing of the game was spot-on and I liked how they used the few horror elements to give new twists on the puzzles (or at least a familiar puzzle you have previously solved).

If you guys have Desura and looking for a quick puzzle game to play, and don’t mind having a little horror (like I said, it’s not that terrifying) then Broken Dimensions is a solid candidate.


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