Synapsis is an excellent escape the room game with abstract puzzles. You play as a man named David Carter who somehow ends up trapped in his subconscious. You have to solve the puzzles within the surreal environment that serves as your subconscious.

The game starts off with you look at your relatively cluttered desk; when suddenly a mysterious golden cube appears on your desk. Going against your better judgement, you decide to fiddle with the box and now find yourself trapped in your own mind. Let this be a lesson to you, if you are at your office late at night. Do not be playing with mysterious cubes that appear on your desk with no explanation.

You will find yourself in a hub where a single room leads into different themed rooms with their own puzzles to solve. In a game where the settings and the story is rather abstract, the puzzles are actually very logical which may seem like an odd companion to the surrealism of the game. Many of the items you need to solve the puzzles are within the same room, although some items will be needed to solve puzzles in another room. As you collect the items and gather clues, you will be able to unlock more areas. Bringing you closer to your goal of escaping from the confines of your own mind.

The only rooms I had initial trouble solving was the connection room and the church (spirit) room. The Spirit room proved to be challenging at first since I wasn’t sure what I meant to do, even when I actually had all the items necessary to solve the puzzle. The connection room was just annoying for me since it takes time for me to complete the connection. It should be simple since you have an idea what you are meant to do. Yet for some reason, no matter how many times I have played Synapsis…..that connection room gives me trouble.

I always enjoy playing this game. I love the puzzles and the game setting is so well put together. The music, ambiance and visuals of the game just blend to create an intriguing mystery. A mystery that does not have a clear explanation or ending. It is a compelling experience from  beginning to end. There is a sequel to Synapsis as well, if you want to check that out as well.


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