Dirty Split

Dirty Split is a point and click game made by the Dreamagination team. You play as Alan Baxter, a retired police detective turned private investigator whose hired by a prominent family in Los Angeles. The cops believe they have apprehended the suspect in the murder of a well-known plastic surgeon. The suspect’s family are convinced that the police have arrested the wrong man. You, as Alan Baxter must now investigate the murder and follow the clues to lead you to the truth. There is more to the surgeon than meets the eye.

The game has a very vibrant art style of the 1960s and the artwork has been compared to LucasArts’ Monkey Island series (a series that I have never played). The voice acting is professionally done with well animated cut-scenes. The voice-acting is only available on the English and German versions of the game.

– images seen on the post belong to Dreamagination –

I have rather mixed feelings about the puzzles in the game. Some puzzles will be very obvious in their solution and others involve you doing actions in the correct order. There was one particular puzzle or task that you have to do to gain access to a motel room. Messing up the order of actions will cause you having to repeat the course of actions over and over till you succeed. Or multiple reloads of the game in my case to save the trouble of repeating all the actions from the beginning.

The puzzles seem to be thrown at you rather than being well-timed and placed so they have relevance to the plot-line. If you manage to get over this hurdle, the game will find its true rhythm. The puzzles could use more planning/choreography in that retrospect. The same could be applied to some of the dialogue seen in the game, where some characters have very repetitive dialogue. Managing to get over these main hurdles, you will find that Dirty Split is extremely enjoyable to play.

I enjoyed the story greatly, I thought it was well-written. Especially with how the story takes you to multiple locations in your quest for the truth. Meeting the various characters and gathering the clues. Especially the plot twists which deepen the murder mystery and the sense of danger towards the end. Although some aspects of the story is rather obvious. I liked the cliché in regards to the airport locker.

The characters especially Alan Baxter is so well-thought out and portrayed in the game. Alan Baxter is not armed with high-tech gadgets or full with attitude. Instead Baxter is a more mellow character with dry wit and charm, taking the challenges in Dirty Split with ease. Hopefully this won’t be the last time we see of Baxter. I would definitely like to see more sleuthing adventures with Baxter.


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