Minecraft Map: Downwards Adventure

Downwards Adventure is a parkour minecraft map made by SimJoo. It has a total of 8 levels, and an extra 6 side-missions for you to complete. Your main mission however, is to reach the bottom. The “how?” is up to you as long you do not break the game rules (e.g no breaking blocks). Do note that this was made with Minecraft 1.7 so you may want to downgrade your minecraft launcher to lower any potential crashes or issues.

The level design is incredibly solid and well-thought out. I like how the hub is set up although the spawn doesn’t seem to work for the level hub. The spawn set works for the (side) missions room where it will re-spawn you there instead all the way back at your initial spawn.

Particularly enjoyed how each of the levels took you to vastly different areas. Ranging from making your escape down an office building, jumping from airship to airship or dodging the dangerous lava flows as you make your way down a volcano. Each level gives you a different scenario to escape from and giving you an  increasingly harder parkour challenge, but not impossible to master.

Once you finish all the parkour levels, you can continue onwards by doing the extra missions. Each mission has a different challenge for you to complete ranging from a parkour puzzle, quiz and completing mini-games. I loved the challenges for the variety they gave. Once you complete the missions, you are able to enter a closed off room which has a button saying to continue your adventure. Unfortunately, minecraft crashed when I pressed the button so I am not sure what happens afterwards, since it refused to load the map after I crashed.

Which leads me to my next point of the issues I had with this map. The main issue I experienced was that minecraft would constantly crash at specific points within the map. Trying to relaunch the map often just lead to it crashing again immediately, so I had to create copies of the map and often skip sections of the map due to the constant crashing. I am rather saddened by that since I missed entire levels of the map due to the constant crashing. Not entirely sure what is causing my minecraft to crash since I did downgrade it to version 1.7 and I also experienced severe fps drops at certain points in the map despite changing my video settings. Oh minecraft, why must you punish me like this.

this looks so safe

Ignoring the issues I experienced, I had tons of fun playing this map. Enjoyed the challenging parkour and the extra missions were brilliant and varied. I enjoyed the missions more than the parkour to be honest. Some of the parkour levels had amazing builds like the one with the airship. If you enjoy parkour maps in minecraft then I highly recommend you to check Downwards Adventure.


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