Momodora is an indie game released in 2010 by Bombservice. Monodora is a series of action-platformer games. The momodora series is released exclusively for Windows and the series is inspired by the classic games of the past and possibly modern titles as well for well-rounded game-play.

Momodora is the first in the said series, where you play as an orphaned girl named Isadora who ventures to a forbidden land in the hopes of finding a way to resurrect her dead mother. That got dark rather quickly didn’t it?

I haven’t played arcade styled games in a long time, Momodora was a nice trip down memory as it reminded me of the games I used to play such as Metroid Prime. Well, Metroid Prime was more action but it had similar arcade elements. I miss that game now, will have to find out where I left it. Probably lost somewhere in the massive mess that is my bedroom.

Momodora has everything you would expect from an arcade game; platforming elements, exploration and finding weapons/upgrades. Actually, I am not entirely sure if there are weapon upgrades. I haven’t gotten particularly far in the game yet. The game is a real challenge, with selective save points being in between levels. You must complete the entire level before you will encounter another save point. Combine that with the likelihood of you dying before you can reach the end of the level; you got a great recipe for a game that will frustrate you, yet at the same time you are determined to complete the level.

The game has a very interesting although dark plot. You being an orphaned girl whose mother had died; you are risking your life to seek forbidden magic in a dangerous land in hopes of bringing your mother back. The land (or caves in this case) is filled with dangerous creatures and traps that can kill Isodora, if she is not careful.

The music is rather loud in the game, so you need to edit the config.ini to adjust the volume and screen resolution. You cannot change the game controls and  there is no game-pad support. However, you can use a program such as JoyToKey to remedy this. I would have really liked to been able to edit the game controls since I constantly forget or mix up the jump key. The cause of many deaths: forgetting the jump key.

On a whole, the game is very smooth and provides a good arcade challenge with an intriguing story. If I ever manage to finish Momodora, I intend to check out the rest in the series to see how the story progresses. I would have preferred there be an options in the game menu to allow you to adjust the game volume and resolution. Hopefully, Momodora II will have that option while further polishing core elements established in Momodora.


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