Fallout 3 Mod: Nightmare Realm

Hello All! Wow, been a while since my last post. Apologies for that, been very distracted by Fallout 3 and the Yogscast Complete Pack (and maybe a mobile game app as well). Moving right along, I was going to play a different mod for Fallout 3 but that required me starting a new character completely and I am too lazy to do that now. I might do that mod in future but I am not particularly fond of the idea of having to babysit the companion. I am a terrible babysitter for Fallout 3 companions. However, they have a death wish since they will charge off to kill an enemy that is like miles away. Ah, the laments of being the Lone Wanderer.

Nightmare Realm is the first quest/adventure mod after my return to Fallout 3 since most of the quest/adventure mods I want to play require FOSE and well, FOSE and Steam version of Fallout 3 do not get along. So while I work on that issue, here’s the review for Nightmare Realm.

To start off the quest, you need to wait in an exterior cell (e.g not inside Megaton) till your pip-boy picks up a garbled radio transmission. It promises an interesting location to visit and provides coordinates to said location before you lose the signal completely. Being the curious soul you are (or whatever the reason), you decide to check out the location. You will arrive a small town with rusted shacks. You decide to enter the first shack you see which is next to a cliff face and meet some Chinese ghouls. You dispatch them with ease and notice a door behind them.

The mod has two exterior world spaces and a lot of interior cells for you to explore. You will be alternating between the nightmare dream world and the laboratory you are trapped in. The mod also gives various perk rewards based on completing the mods and whether you meet the criteria to gain the bonus perks.

Some of the bonus perks you can get are: killing all the ghouls you encounter (a total of about 40 if I remember correctly) will give you +5% damage resistance. Finding all the voodoo dolls scattered throughout the nightmare realm will give you a perk for limb regeneration. Regardless of whether you miss the criteria for the bonus perks, you will still gain one perk which turns radiation into health points if you reach less than 20% health.

You can also gain a new grenade which does about 200+ damage, it might do more damage if you invested in the perk that increases damage for explosives. The new grenade is the holy hand grenade, which I never used so I do not know if it does anything special. I am guessing it will do increased damage to the entities you fight within the Nightmare House.

On an unrelated note though, isn’t Nightmare House an arcade game? Or am I mixing that up with House of the Dead?

While playing this mod, I missed a lot of important things which did upset me. I missed the lever that activated the Tardis so I never got to go inside there. So I missed the chance to get more supplies, the sonic screwdriver and teleport to a random location before going inside the house. Really upset about that, I thought I would get to get inside the Tardis later in the mod but I missed my chance completely.

Not sure if you were able to turn the underground lab into a base of sorts. I do know that you were able to create the holy grenades. I suppose you were able to turn the lab into a base, since the readme mentions getting a robot to fix the power generators and you will regain health if you stand under the showers. Unfortunately, the supposedly friendly robot attacked me so I was unable to fix the generators. I was also unable to solve the puzzle section towards the end of the experiments where you had to pull levers. I am guessing you needed to know some sort of code to gain access. Never did figure that out, so yes I admit to cheating towards the end cause I didn’t want to run around the entire house to figure out what I had missed.

Despite the issues, I liked the challenge of the mod since it forces you to scavenge for weapons to survive the nightmare realm. Especially since you start out with melee weapons, and it is possible that you may miss the first gun you can acquire in the realm. I do like the idea of you having to fight a boss to end the nightmare sequence. Pretty good mod on a whole, had a few bugs such as looking the water at a certain angle causes it to disappear, and another room missing the walls till you look at it at a different angle. Including the robot attacking you when I think it was meant to be friendly towards the player?


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