Fallout 3 Mod: Project Genesis

Project Genesis is story-driven mod with mild puzzle elements that has some of the best cutscenes in any fallout 3 mod. The mod will provide up couple hours of game-play adding a total of 5 new quests, 1 new exterior worlds-pace and 20+ interior cells for you to explore. For someone’s first mod ever, it was pretty well made with only 2 bugs that I encountered throughout my entire playthrough.

The mod begins with your pipboy picking up a distress signal. Listening to the distress signal, you find out that someone is trapped in their basement shelter. Heading to the distressed man’s house, you find some clues about a scientist named Christopher O’Niel, who went missing before the Great War. Curious to what fate had befallen on O’Niel, you now embark on a compelling journey to discover his fate.

I think this was the first mod that I ever played for Fallout 3, that actually had cutscenes included that played at key events within the mod. The cutscenes were fantastic, really enjoyed them. The intro and ending cutscene were superb. The ending cutscene made me slightly depressed and jealous. How come O’Niel gets the action hero scene and the Lone Wanderer doesn’t? I think the Lone Wanderer deserved a piece of the action of that scene.

This mod does require FOSE (Fallout Script Extender) so be sure to read the website to see what FOSE doesn’t support.

I really enjoyed the quests, although I have to admit I was a little confused during the first quest. Mostly because I did not realize that I was trying to enter the wrong house the entire time for…like….let’s say about 5 minutes. Once I realized that I was trying to gain access to the wrong house, quickly found the correct residence and it was relatively smooth-sailing (or playing I should say) from there. Till I encountered about the same issue twice in less than 10 minutes where I was forced to use the “killall” command to progress further.2014-06-09_00002

Why did I have to use the console command? Well, because none of the other solutions I tried worked since none of the npcs would to talk to me due to enemies being nearby. I found that really irritating cause there was simply no way to do the quest unless those npcs talked to you and unfortunately, they want to kill enemies who want to kill you…..but are nowhere near you. The second time I met that issue was especially annoying since I was stuck in cinematic mode so I couldn’t move at all, thus forced to use the command in order for the cutscene to continue normally.

Ignoring the mini-rant, the quests were actually engaging and the story was very enjoyable to see how it progressed and unfolded. I liked the plot twist towards the end about the various flashbacks you get and the fate of the person whose memories you were seeing.

There are times where you think you are stuck and unsure how to proceed. Especially when it comes to the two quests where most people seem to have trouble at: finding the remote detonator fuse and escaping Bishop’s room. The key for these two places is to be observant. In the escaping of the room, you need to pay attention to anything that may be interacted with. That is your only clue from me, without too much spoilers. My tactic was to just investigate every possible thing in the room till I found the object that revealed a way to escape. Not the most efficient but it works.

I think there is a sequel to the mod, however it takes place in Fallout: New Vegas. I believe it was hinted there was a sequel that would take place there. I could be wrong since I have not checked.

Minus the issues I had and my brilliant tactic to escape the room (I would be so pro in those online escape the room games): for someone’s first mod, great work done in regards to the story, level design and those cutscenes. Wish there was a better way to fix the issue I had, since I don’t think entering sneak mode would work since your character automatically leaves sneak-mode during those sequences. The puzzles were good, required some thinking but it is solvable. When I get around to playing New Vegas, I will most likely check out the sequel to Project Genesis. If it is not the continuation of Project Genesis’ story, then my bad but still going check it out when I get the chance.


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