Fallout 3 Mod: Cube Experimental

Cube Experimental made by hoxyd is one of the most popular Fallout 3 mods on the Fallout 3 nexus (and the most endorsed). It seems to be inspired by the film series: Cube although it is not stated in the mod description. It just seems to draw many similarities to the movie for me. Such as being stuck in a cube, deadly traps and all that good stuff. On a side-note: has anyone seen the Cube series? Many people I know haven’t seem to watched the film series. It makes me sad.

Cube Experimental is heavily scripted so it is advised to avoid using cheats (such as tcl and tgm) as it may break the scripts. According to the mod description, there is a staggering total of 500+ scripts which was the result of 5 months work and development being put into the mod. However, with this mod you can expect the following: 13 large levels, total of 2+ hours of game-play (and being hopelessly lost/confused), custom cutscenes and soundtrack and professional voice-acting.

The voice-acting is a little hard to hear at times, since the game effects tend to be louder than the voice actor. For some reason my general subtitles do not work, so I couldn’t see what was being said. I am actually not sure if they included subtitles for the monologues spoken throughout the mod. I really wish I was able to hear what the final monologue was given by the “friend” before he disappeared cause the entire game was louder than he was. Guess that was my fault though, was constantly forgetting to adjust the audio within my game settings.

this totally does not look ominous at all

Puzzles were certainly mind-boggling at times, especially the first puzzles you needed to solve. However since it is a game and not like the movie where a mistake would result your death, you are able to figure your way through the cube via trial and error. For those who are completely lost and hopeless, there is always video and written walk-through to help guide you. Do not fret, I found the hardest parts to be beginning of the mod till about halfway after you get out of the maze, trying to find out who else is in the facility with you. There is also a bonus challenge where you need to collect holomak tags, where finding all 20 of them will give you a bonus reward. I only found 15 in total, so I am not sure what the prize was.

Be warned though that there will be certain parts of the game, especially towards the end where you may experience fps drops. So those with lower end systems may experience issues getting through the escaping the facility business, with enough explosions to make you feel like you were in a Micheal Bay movie. My laptop is about mid-range, decent system and it suffered a bit during all the explosions. Random fps drops here and there that kept making think my game had frozen or crashed. Something to be aware about if you intend on playing this mod.

that looks so safe

The level design is astounding, it is easy to see how much work went into the level design alone. Everything is well-thought out; providing a challenge enough for the player to tackle but not so much that it is impossible to overcome. The scripts kick in on time and never experienced an issue with the scripts. Really enjoyed watching the cutscenes and going through the flashback sequences. The deaths I experienced were mostly from the deadly cube puzzle. Other deaths experienced was fail jumping skills, drowning (since the mod hides your breath meter and what else did I die from? *thinks briefly* OH! Laser trap and accidentally killing myself with my grenade somehow. Don’t even know how that happened. Guess I was too close to the blast when the grenade detonated.

Had tons of fun playing with the new weapons that the mod rewards you with, at the end. I was testing them in your “apartment” within the facility. Let’s just say testing big weapons in a really small room is not the best of ideas. Worth it though. Glad I was able to get revenge on that stupid Yao Guai in the end. Thought it could attack me and chase me around when I was unarmed, silly Yao Guai. I always come back for revenge once I found something usable as a weapon.

Fantastic mod, despite the times it made me regret playing this mod when I was mind-blown by the puzzles. Mostly because I didn’t want to deal with the “solve this via trial and death” and being incredibly lost with no real sense of direction. Excellent story with cinematic scenes to  help progress the story. Job well done for a mod with 5 months invested into its development, well-deserving of its title as most downloaded and endorsed mod within Fallout 3 Nexus. It will be hard to find a mod that will beat the standard that Cube Experimental has set.


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