Fallout 3 Mod: A Quest for Heaven [Chapter 1 – secrets from the past]

A Quest for Heaven [Secrets from the Past] is part of a larger saga that is still in the works. Secrets from the past has both the prologue and chapter 1, giving a total of 2+ hours playing time depending on your playing style. The mod requires Broken Steel dlc and there are two versions of the mod depending on your computer/laptop specs. There is a version with custom music and sounds intended to give a deeper experience (the recommended version) and the other version is without the custom music.

I did not realize that this mod would be rather long since I thought it was just the prologue. Not sure where I got that idea, might have mixed it up with a different mod. Greatly underestimated the time I would take playing this mod. The time spent playing this mod was worth it however, even if I got slightly confused/frustrated about how to go ahead. Mostly my fault because I didn’t read the notes properly.

It pays to be extremely observant and being vigilant in reading notes and checking every single desk/locker is vital to this mod as they will contain items and/or clues you need to progress further into the mod. It also involves you revisiting (back-tracking) areas since you cannot progress or enter into new areas without the necessary key or password. While this can prove to be annoying (and disorienting at times), I actually enjoyed myself quite thoroughly.

Fantastic story so far, loved reading the various notes left by the people so you got their perspective of the events happening to them. It also sets the timeline for them which was the start of the Great War and the aftermath of the war, causing them to struggle for survival. The custom music and sounds was an excellent addition, adding to the experience. Had little trouble hearing some of the music at times but easily fixed by adjusting the audio settings. To be honest, I enjoyed this quest-adventure mod a lot more than Cube Experimental.

This mod does seem to have a bug that might just be affecting me. Once you find the cryogenics room in Nexus 5 (I believe it was), I found myself unable to save my game or reload a game at all since it would immediately crash after that. I had no issues before that point. Being unable to save meant I had to finish the rest of the mod without saving at all, meaning I had to pay careful attention to the notes and keep an eye on any potential threats to make sure I did not die. Death would have meant my game would crash and I have to restart from a save point that was extremely far behind from the point of death. Luckily, I did not meet any further issues during that long marathon to complete the rest of the mod without any saves.

I do like the puzzles since it forces you to actually read the notes to gather the clues needed. There is ample medical supplies (and chems) scattered throughout the facilities you explore. Ammo will vary from scarce to none depending on your guns of choice; therefore making sure you have enough ammo for your weapons is extremely important. Once you reach far enough to the facility, you will be unable to leave till you find another exit and it is nearly guaranteed you will not find ammo for your weapons during that ammo if you run out. If you are someone who uses only melee weapons, no luck for you as there is no melee weapons to be found in the facilities.

Really looking forward to playing the second chapter, especially if it is going to be similar to how the first chapter played out. Not sure if the saga is dead though since there hasn’t been any word of the progress. There may be hope but the last time the second chapter was updated was around March, this year. I have my hopes but it is not very high. 3 months of development is not bad for a mod especially if it was given updates and patches right up to its final version (uploaded at 2012). If you have not played A Quest for Heaven 1, then I highly recommend that you check it out especially the intended version with the custom music. It is a brilliant and fun mod to play.


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