Fallout 3 Mod: A Quest for Heaven 2 [Like a Diamond in the Sky]

The journey for the mysterious facility known as Heaven continues with chapter 2 of the saga, Like a Diamond in the Sky. However it seems that your previous adventures in the tracking command center has caught attention of more than one person…and organizations. Your quest to find the truth about Project Heaven has now become personal, and a lot more dangerous.

The quest begins with you a pop-up message that informs you receiving a note while supposedly being in the Muddy Rudder at Rivet City. Fair enough, although I was actually in the middle of nowhere when I got that pop-up message. Certainly nowhere near to Rivet City at all, or any settlement for that matter.

You read the note that tells you to meet someone at a store in the L’Enfant South Plaza. Once inside, you meet your “contact” which marks the beginning of your journey. During your search you will find many notes alluding to a conspiracy and an organization that has been around long before the Great War started; a shady organization that is possibly still very active well after the war. Another person will find you and try to convince you that your own contact does not have good intentions as you intentionally believed.

The mod had a very solid beginning, allowing you to start with something easy then steadily build its way up to be more challenging. The pacing of the story was well-thought out and led up to the epic conclusion of the chapter. I did love the variety of places you went through such as from: a military facility, sewer system, wrecked subway system to finally… space. Yes, that is correct. You get to go to space.

Like the first chapter of the Heaven saga, there is a lot of backtracking involved. Most of the passages will be locked requiring you to explore accessible areas to find whatever is needed to proceed further into the story. You will also need to read all the notes and dialogue carefully. They provide vital clues in how to proceed as you will have no quest marker to guide you, and your quest log will just give you the general idea of your current task. Therefore it is absolutely vital to pay attention and to search every nook and cranny (including lockers and desks) for anything that can aid you.

You either need a good memory or make notes as you play, since there is often a lot of steps involved in your current missions. I often forgot what I had to do detail-wise but had the general idea of where I needed to go. Other times involved dumb luck when I absolutely had no idea how to proceed (best memory ever), then figured it out by chance. Since backtracking is involved, it will feel rather tedious at times and possibly disorientating at times.

Even though there are not many people you meet throughout this adventure, the notes alone create a well-established back-story for the key players of the saga. I am very interested to see the roles that the characters introduced during this chapter will have in chapter 3 if they are reappear.

The option to download videos was a great bonus, I really did enjoy the videos. I thought the cutscenes would occur more in the mod but it only really occurred twice, towards the end of the mod. A shame but enjoyed it nevertheless. There is certain areas where I suffered massive fps drops, particularly when interacting with the turbo elevator and few other areas. It also occurred during heavy combat with the drones and the greys when I got detected. Not sure if I was meant to wait but the door to the escape pod never really opened for me so I had to use the console command to reach the escape pod. If I was supposed to wait then my bad.

Really enjoyed chapter 2 of the saga. Looking forward to seeing chapter 3 being released. I understand that firelady, the creator of the mod is possibly still looking for voice actors for the mod. Hope to hear more news about chapter 3’s progress in the future. Still cannot believe how long I took to complete this mod. About 3 days total?


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