The Fall

The Fall is a side-scroller action game with elements of puzzle and sci-fi, developed by Over the Moon. The Fall is the first in the planned trilogy. I am actually surprised that I haven’t heard of this game till I ran across it during the Steam Summer Sale (my poor bank account). I was not sure if I was going to enjoy the game or not when I bought it, however I am now glad that I took the risk. The game proved to be immensely fun to play.

You play as A.R.I.D (ARID), the artificial intelligence of a high-tech combat suit. You activate shortly after crashing into an unknown planet and pilot within the suit is unconscious. ARID’s sole primary objective now is to find medical assistance for the pilot. ARID now has to transverse a hostile environment; the very same twisted environment that will force ARID to challenge the very protocols that bind her.

The story was engaging, drawing the player into the twisted world that ARID found itself in. With thick atmosphere, the game’s visual style compliments the voice acting and story. The story and gameplay are well-integrated, as you will encounter obstacles and dialogue that will challenge the way that ARID sees (and processes) the world. I found myself quickly immersed into the story and the setting. I really didn’t see the plot twist and cliff hanger coming at all. Fantastic beginning for the planned trilogy.

The controls for the game were a little hard for me quickly adapt to playing with. Not sure if you can change the controls for the game, I do not think it is possible but I could be wrong. The game became a lot easier once I got used to the controls, even though I did struggle at certain points because I forgot how to do a particular action. Perhaps the game is better suited for the gamepad but I have not tried playing the game with my controller yet. The game is a little slow in changing directions when you are observing the environment. Adjusting the mouse sensitivity might fix the delay, again this is not something I have tested. 

Edit: it is possible to change the key bindings for the keyboard, but only on the main menu. It also seems a lot more easier to play this game with the gamepad compared to the keyboard. In my opinion anyway.

The game took a total of 3 hours for me to complete, I probably would have taken less time if I had not gotten stuck on some puzzles or decided to fight Primus on Galaxy Legends, a mobile app that I play (love-hate relationship with that game). I will probably replay this game again to try get the rest of the achievements and see if I cannot figure if there is alternative ways to solve some puzzles. Maybe will try it with the gamepad this time as well, see how that goes.

The Fall proved to be a really enjoyable game, with a compelling story and I cannot wait to see how the rest of the trilogy plays out. Will be keeping an eye out for any news about that.  You can find The Fall on the Steam store for $9.99 (USD). Well worth the money, with compelling story and visual style to compliment it. Highly recommend this game.


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