Skyrim Mod: The Grytewake Legend

The Grytewake Legend is a quest/player owned home by wallice. There are two ways to start this quest. One way is to find a scholar’s journal in the “Winking Skeever” or finding the nordic ruin associated with this mod, the quest will automatically kick in when you are far enough in the ruins.

Before I start talking about the mod, here is a quick rundown of some of the features that the ship provides:

  • A ‘magical’ map that serves as fast-travel wraps to the cities of: Dawnstar, Solitude, Winterhold and Windhelm
  • tons of storage for all the armor, weapons and books you find
  • a way to display all the dragon priest masks and dragon claws you found (there is a reward given if you find them all)
  • last but not least…..CHICKENS! Yes, the ship has a hen-house of sorts with three lovely chickens to provide you fresh eggs

Finding the journal was easy enough, and provides a back-story for the mod. As well providing the lore for the infamous ghost ship known as Grytewake. It also provides a waypoint to the ruins making your quest easier, considering Skyrim is covered with nordic ruins pretty much everywhere.

The ruins have pretty good level design despite being mostly made with vanilla assets. It had great lighting as well, the puzzles were pretty well-done as well. I actually felt dumb solving the first puzzle since I didn’t realize how obvious the solution was after failing to solve it twice. The second puzzle that I encountered towards the end, also made me feel dumb since I didn’t find the other two clues till I ran into one by accident.

The boss fight, where you fight the past owner of the ghost ship proved to be a little anti-climatic for me. I felt he was too weak, it is just my opinion. Then again, I did slightly cheat in the boss fight by taking advantage of the fact he did not detect my presence to deal an initial sneak attack.

Once you finish with the quest part of the mod, you finally can gain access to the prize and focus of the mod. The ghost ship itself. Once you attach the power ‘source’ to wheel (or helm if you prefer), you can gain access to the interior of the ship. I am not going to mention much about the ship’s interior design since I will leave that for you to find out on your own. For the most part, I found the design and placement to be aesthetically pleasing.

The only issue I had with the ship’s interior design was the placement of the bedroom, I felt it was too close to the storage/display area. Especially since you had to walk through slightly flooded part of the ship to reach the stairs that led up to your bedroom, not sure what the gears there were for, might be where the anchor is. I particularly liked that there was a way to display all the dragon priest masks and dragon claws that you have collected over your travels.

Still trying to find a player home that I like, the one that I wanted to get called ‘The Forgotten Mountain Keep’ was removed from Skyrim nexus and steam workshop. Last I heard, it was removed since the maker wanted to overhaul the mod and include an area specific to the Dragonborn dlc. If you know of a mod that is similar, please let me know.


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