Skyrim Mod: Wyrmstooth

Wyrmstooth, who saw this mod review coming? Yes? No? Maybe? Perhaps? This is probably going to be the last mod review for Skyrim since I need to get started on the Dragonborn dlc and finally see if I can finish Dawnguard (with no game-breaking bugs this time). At the rate I am going, I am never going to start the add ons for Skyrim because of all the mods I want to try. Still bummed out that the Forgotten Mountain Keep house mod was removed for an overhaul. I think I found a new house mod that suits my needs but it needs ALL the official add ons active for it to work properly (more incentive to finish those dlcs eh?).

Wyrmstooth adds a series of quests that begins in the land of Skyrim, but mostly takes place on an island (adding a new world-space)  called….Wyrmstooth. Bit of an odd name for an entire island really. Cannot remember if there was a specific reason it was called that. Wasn’t paying attention to that particular part of the dialogue when the island was being discussed.

The quest begins when an Imperial courier whose name I do not remember, because I felt he was a jerk by the way he talks. What? He just rubbed me in the wrong way. Moving on, turns out he is there to deliver a message from a representative of the East Empire Company. The East Empire Company wishes to hire you to take care of troublesome dragon that has been interrupting  the trade routes throughout Skyrim, the Jarls are putting added pressure on the company to do something about it. Hence, where you the Dragonborn comes in.

The quest(s) begin when you reach level 10 and have been summoned by the Greybeards. The courier (turns out his name is Theodyn Bienne) will begin his search for you. If you want him to find you faster, he begins his search in the city of Whiterun near the Battered Mare inn. However, I do recommend to be a higher level since the dragon will put up a fight when you face it.

There are about 22 new locations to explore on the island alone, well technically 21 since the 22nd location would be the docks itself. The locations vary from Nordic tombs, Imperial forts, camps, caves and of course Dwavern ruins. Word of advice, if you discover a location called Herman’s Hideout and decide to explore it. Please read the note next to the door and head it’s advice (spells work fine).

The main quest only consist mainly of two quests. However, the second quest is rather long so the length of the second quest alone (if you include exploration) will make up for the lack of main quests. Once you finish the main quest there are a total of 10 side-quests with 3 requiring you to return to the mainland of Skyrim to complete. It would be 9 side-quests if you do not count buying a fort and repairing it as a quest. Yes, that is correct you can buy an abandoned Imperial fort, fix it up and live in style (somewhat) in the island of Wyrmstooth.

Speaking about the Imperial fort, decided to buy it to check it out. Ended up being disappointed by the design choice of the fort’s final appearance. I think jonx0r could have picked something other than wooden planks to serve as a privacy screen/room divider that is more tasteful or at least suit the interior more seamlessly. The wooden planks (do not even know what to call it) in my opinion, is a serious eyesore and ruins the overall feel of the fort. Another note, it felt like the fort was meant to have a quest since there is a journal that matches with the supposed history of the fort. Yet I already found the secret area (doing a completely unrelated quest) and there was not much to that area. Not sure how I feel about that.

I really do not approve of this. It is not befitting an Imperial fort

Perhaps I should not have gotten side-tracked by talking about the Imperial fort that you can use as a home. I lost my train of thought already.

Nevermind, I remember now. The last part of the main quest involved a lot of dungeon delving. I was actually amazed at how large the dungeons were, especially when you reach the Dwavern ruins. I decided to explore one of the Dwavern interior locations and it was large that I ended up being lost. Thankfully I managed to find an alternative exit from my aimlessly wandering. Not sure if it is a bad thing though, the lengths of the dungeons but it did feel rather tedious at some parts. At least the followers were essential so you do not have to worry about them too much. Can you imagine the number of times they probably died, trying to follow you and they get caught up in the horde of enemies you left behind (and angry) or traps? I assure you that the followers with me, would have died more than five times total at the end of the adventure if it weren’t for their essential status. The followers have unique dialogue that can be heard spoken through the adventure. I found the dialogue to be really humorous since you can see their distinct personalities.

Speaking about followers, you can get one animal follower. A wolf follower that is also essential. One little quirk I noticed with this canine follower is that it seems unable to follow you into interior cells. So you end up exploring new caves, dungeons and ruins alone unless you are in an exterior cell. The wolf is capable of following you back to Skryim though, but unable to enter an interior cell. I found that a little odd. Not sure if that is a bug on my part or not.

I did enjoy the addition of learning a completely new Dragon Shouts (or Thu’um if you prefer). Although when I found the first word, it wouldn’t let me learn it when I approached it. Had to find a sweet spot before finally learning the word. The new spell tomes teaching you new conjuration spells was pretty cool as well although I ended up relying on the summon Dremora Lord spell more than those new summons.

It was nice also seeing that the settlement actually repairs itself after the last battle with the dragon. My only complaint with this is that, I think it repaired itself a little too quickly. I go to Skyrim to do the 3 side-quests that take place on the mainland, return to find the village has completely repaired. Would preferred if it went at a slower pace.

Wyrmstooth really is a solid quest-adventure mod that has a heavy emphasis on the dungeons. The dungeons were really well-designed using the vanilla assets. I enjoyed exploring the island immensely since there is variation in the landscape, they all just meld together seamlessly. The fact that the island has a variation of places for you to explore is perfect so you do not get bored with exploring one particular type of dungeon too much. You can recruit essential followers, the fact they can travel between both Wyrmstooth and Skyrim is a bonus. Not sure why only the wolf had problems entering interior cells though.

well…this isn’t something you see everyday

As I said earlier, there are new spells for you to learn as well even if they are only conjurations. I think it was interesting how Donr0x also included two new ores as well. My favorite aspects of the mod was reading the various journals and notes that you can find throughout, the exploration aspect was great and listening to the followers comment at various stages of the adventure and interacting with one another was entertaining as well. The plot was really good as well, I found the story to be fascinating and seeing how it developed. Really recommend you guys to check Wrymstooth out and explore it.


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