Excuses….excuses :D

Currently playing through the final chapter of the A Quest for Heaven saga, I think I am at the last quest (?) but depending on whether I have a backup save or not….I might have to redo the mod cause I might have accidentally skipped a crucial part of the quest. Other than that, the final chapter of that mod is amazing even to the point that it melted my brain. Cannot handle the awesome-ness of that mod.

What else….well I been travelling between two properties that my mom owns so which is why there is a lack of updates. Since one of the properties does not have any internet, and since that mod has been taking me more than a week to get through completely…things been slow. The Minecraft sandstone manor has been progressing well and is nearly done so that will be uploaded soon (so she says…) and hopefully I can get back on track with a more regular upload schedule (that doesn’t exist). Please be patient >.<


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