A Quest for Heaven 3 – so close yet so far

So I was playing the A Quest for Heaven 3 and reached the final quest, after more than a week of playing it.

Geez andromedacrescent, that is a really long adventure mod XD (I approve!)

Till I got to the part and I did not really read the instructions given to me by the other character so I ended up screwing up.

I could technically do a review for it since I am at the end of the quest but my OCD demands I do the mod correctly.

Therefore….I am going to be restarting the mod…from the beginning again (oh god) T^T

Forgive me?? :3


2 thoughts on “A Quest for Heaven 3 – so close yet so far

    • serves me right XD
      at least I know what to do now right…..right?
      I knew I should read the guide to see what I meant to do at that point.

      question though. were you (or firelady) intentionally sadistic when it came to the enemies? I don’t know what terrified me more, the Majestic robots or the crazy shredder army creatures…both terrify me to the point I ended up sneaking around most the time lmao (especially when in spaaaace, everything is more terrifying in space)

      I think it was bad enough to have my mind melt from the puzzles and just trying to stay observant throughout the mod 😛

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