Minecraft Map: Pointless Button 2 [Warning: Poisonous]

Pointless Button 2 [Warning: Poisonous] by ZvedeENG is a short and fun adventure map revolving around…..a button (I keep spelling it as butoon..). Surprising isn’t it? You start off in a rather large room, that is well-designed aesthetically by the way. You spy a button poking innocently out of the wall. Should you poke it? The sign says it is a pointless button though, so nothing bad will happen….right?

Author note: this may be the last post for a while. Returning to SG and will be busy with packing and applying for school. General life stuff. 

Let’s assume that curiosity got the better of you. You decide to poke the button. Nothing happens other than a mysterious voice asking if you are sure. You decide to poke the button again, several times to prove to the voice (who is a bit of a jerk) that you are indeed serious about poking the button. However, your joys of pushing a relatively useless button is ruined when the voice decides you must prove it.

In the form of completely several challenges, thus he teleports you to a random village in the sky. It doesn’t matter where you go here really, you end up having to explore the entire area anyway. You have to complete five challenges given to you by five different gods that test the following: exploration, agility, intelligence, strength (or strenght as it is spelled in the map) and braveness.

the gods are watching and judging

I think ZvedeENG meant courage or bravery when he typed it as ‘braveness’ and also, I am assuming he didn’t really check the strength challenges that well. The word was misspelled as ‘strenght’ throughout the entire challenge. It could be intentional though.

It seems to be missing signs when played on the 1.8 version of Minecraft so some of the signs won’t make much sense. Loved the pokemon reference though.


The levels were well-made with no problems encountered other than missing signs. The only difficulty encountered was with the agility challenge when you had to race to the house before the door closed. That one was evil and I totally didn’t end up cheating. Totally not *shifty eyes* Anyways, the challenges were entertaining, had a lot of fun playing through them even when I got to the annoying level of trying to reach the door.

So overall, fantastic minecraft map. Lots of fun and great variety of tests to prove your worthiness of pushing…that button.


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