Fingerbones is a short psychological horror game made by David Szymanski. The game focuses on mystery and story-telling. The game takes place in an abandoned building, although it feels more like a bunker of sorts. Despite the sunlight streaming in through the windows, most of the interior is dark. Exploring the building, you unravel a disturbing tale from the notes scattered in the building.

Be warned; the game deals with themes/subjects that people may find disturbing. While not explicitly stated or show, it is heavily implied within the game’s narrative.

TRIGGER WARNING!! Narrative deals with heavily implied themes of: child molestation, child abuse and infanticide 

Upon launching the game, you  get basic directions such as [WASD] keys and using the mouse to look around and interact with the environment. You are also able to adjust the game volume and mouse sensitivity in this menu, it can toggled using the [ESC] key. The game has no save function, so be sure you have the time to commit to this game. Once you figure out what to do, the game length will shorten drastically.

While it is recommended, playing full-screen is not completely necessary. However, sound plays an important part in the game therefore it is crucial to play this game with headphones and have your sound turned up. Progression through the game depends on being able to spot clues that are sometimes hidden in plain sight (or in my case, actually finding the flashlight) and deciphering them for the information you need.

Fingerbones 2014-10-06 17-29-32-93

Gameplay-wise, the controls are very simple and does not need a lot of thinking from the player. The puzzles are rather simple as well, and can be solved by reading the notes. It took me a little while to figure out that the buzzing sound from the computer is not the “heh wrong password, loser” sound. The game is rather tedious in the aspect that you need to backtrack slowly, and I mean slowly between places to see what areas have become unlocked.

The game can be seen as an interactive story. Fingerbones has a very creepy atmosphere and uses sound to enhance the feeling masterfully. Fingerbones creates its horror in a more subtle way: a silent and still environment that feels dead that is broken, subtle changes in the soundtrack as you explore and using a few sentences that make your skin crawl as you think about the implications. Especially when after reading the notes causes you to see the environment in a different way; such the table that has a knife stuck into it, now seems much more sinister.

I did not really understand the ending of the game, so it just left me confused. Based on some of the comments I seen, it looks like I am not the only one. If anyone has an explanation or theory regarding the ending, that would be appreciated.


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