Detective Grimoire

There’s been a murder! The owner of a tourist attraction has been murdered. The police already have a suspect in mind. The suspect? The mythical creature of Boggy’s Bog, a swamp creature that may or may not be real. As Detective Grimoire, your job is to uncover the clues and find out the truth. Was the creature truly responsible for the murder, if not then who? Also, there’s no such thing as swamp creatures…..right?

Detective Grimoire is a very fun point and click adventure-mystery game. Detective Grimoire actually started originally as an online game, which was released on many online gaming sites as such Armor Games in 2007. Having played the “original” Detective Grimoire in a sense, it was interesting to see what core elements of the original flash game they kept and what new features they brought in.

If you have played the flash game, you will instantly recognize the gameplay that Detective Grimoire uses. The game is a lot more streamlined compared to the flash game; making it easier to explore the around the swamp, talking to suspects and locating clues. Although the game was inspired by its flash game counterpart, it brings in a new cast of characters as well re-imagining the core characters from the original flash (e.g Detective Grimoire himself). Story-wise, I found it rather satisfying discovering the history behind the swamp and it’s owner. Yet at the same time, trying to unravel the truth behind his murder.

how very...kind of you
how very…kind of you

All the characters had their own quirks which was quite entertaining to see while questioning them, such as the self-important director who constantly fiddles with his phone or looking through a picture frame. Grimoire himself, has his own little quirks which makes him a humorous and likeable protagonist. Speaking about the characters, the game had superb voice-acting that fitted in really well with the game’s simple but detailed visual art style. While speaking to them, if they reveal an important clue it will be highlighted and recorded in your notebook.

In Detective Grimoire, there a lot of mini-games that pop up as you progress through the game. Most of these will occur during dialogue or when exploring the swamps. They are rather straight-forward so solving them is not an issue. If you do mess up, you are allowed to keep making attempts to you get it right. You will often notice that during the challenge topics that by selecting the correct answer to continue the conversation, that the screen will give a brief white flash with a sound to let you know that you picked the correct answer. The only thing I found frustrating was how some of the ‘suspects’ did not have anything to comment when common sense says they should. Such as presenting the suspect profile of Sally, the gift shop clerk to Harper the cook but he comments he has nothing to say about her. They both work down the street from each other but they have nothing to comment about each other. Surely Harper would have something to say about Sally and vice versa?


You are also given a suspicion gauge, it does not seem to have a large impact on the game. It is a nice feature though to manage all the information you found out so far. It might relate more to the achievement that can be earned if you correctly place all your suspicions on the murderer. It is just my opinion of what the true purpose for the gauge was.

You are also given a map of the swamp that allows you to fast-travel between places quickly, but only once you “discovered” the place by yourself the first time. It is an improvement from the predecessor, although I admit I do not remember if you could fast travel using the map in the flash version. There is no inventory system in the game but you can view the clues and the information you discovered using your notebook.

For hardcore gamers, this game would not offer much of a challenge since the puzzles are easily solved. It does excel in other areas despite the lack of complexity on the puzzles. The game has great graphics, amazing voice acting and quirky charm. It is a relatively short game, which can be disappointing for some when the game ends. Despite the faults that the game has, it is still immensely enjoyable and will be able to keep you intrigued from beginning to end.


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