Back To Thailand (again)

Right, just a quick heads up that tomorrow I will be on a flight back to Thailand.

My visa is expiring in a few days so I have to return to Thailand before it actually does. Hence returning to Thailand, and waiting for my letter from ICA to let me know whether I have been approved for my student visa since I already been accepted into my school which is the SAE Institute. Classes don’t start till around March 15th but it will be full-time so be ready for a serious delay in the upload of posts when March comes rolling.

The course I am taking is Games Programming, which is a two-year course since I am going for the Bachelor’s [of Science with Hons. in games programming]. Full-time course but will have to see how much it affects the blogging.

Other than that……..the reason for lack of posts lately is because I been playing some Garry’s Mod custom horror maps with friends who finished their exams, and been playing Bioshock 2. So once I finish Bioshock 2, the review for that game will be up then I might continue onwards with Bioshock Infinite, buy the Bioshock 2 dlc (Minerva’s Den) since I don’t own that yet or I might just take a break from the Bioshock franchise for a while to play other games. I just realized I have still yet to start Skyrim’s Dawnguard.

We’ll see what happens.


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