A few changes….and questions

Hey everyone! Just a quick heads up on the few changes that I made on the blog.

The main change is that the categories have changed. Some been moved to a new parent category, some have been renamed and so forth. My hope is that those who like to use the category list will find it easier to find posts on the topic they are interested in. For those who don’t know, the group drop-down list is at the bottom of the page.

What else….I been doing a little experimentation in regards to the featured image. Some newer posts now have their own featured image instead of my default header. Whether this will stay or not is something that I have not decided upon yet.

Another thing is that I am considering to perhaps either change the blog’s url address (along with a site redirect upgrade) or possibly exporting it to a new blog/url altogether. Exporting though would mean losing the stats (yes, I keep an eye on the stats to check which posts are popular and so forth) and potentially the current followers I already have. Not sure if you can move followers after exporting a blog to a new one…..I know you cannot export stats. That is something for the far future though, so not something to be too concerned about yet. If that happens, I will let everyone know few days beforehand.

Hope you let me know your thoughts on whether I should keep using the featured image as the new standard for my posts. If possible let me know what you think of the new category listing as well.




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