Stacking – The Lost Hobo King DLC

Charlie Blackmore returns for another adventure! In the Lost Hobo King DLC, Levi, his drifter friend has requested help for his super secret mission! Levi’s uncle Rufus believes he has found the lost island kingdom of the Hobo king. As inheritor to the throne, Rufus seeks to forge the crown and unite the Hobo people, leading them back into prosperity.

Prove your worth as you take on the three challenges and awaken the mythical blacksmiths, the only ones who have the required knowledge to recreate the mythical Hobo crown.2015-02-18_00003No need to worry about the game mechanics since it is the same formula. The only thing changed is the location of the story and new dolls stack up in with new unique skills. New hi-jinks to be made! New solutions to discover!

Most of the story takes place on the island of Camelfoot instead of the Stacking universe where it had a central hub (the train-station) taking you to different locations. Compared to the normal game, it is definitely shorter especially if you do the bare minimum focusing on the story goals. It would probably take you about 30 minutes about, although most of the joy and fun would come from finding all possible solutions and unique dolls.

You do not need to finish the main game to play the Lost Hobo King DLC as they are completely separate from one another, meaning you would need to make a new save profile for the DLC.2015-02-18_00009Level-wise, the size of the island is probably close to the same size as one stacking level in the main game. Which means it is pretty large, leaving you plenty to explore while solving puzzles and questing for the unique dolls. There are three main puzzles which have multiple solutions similar to the main game, however one challenge has staggering six possible solutions and not the usual three.

Since this comes free with the Windows version of the game, it is a nice addition. Personally though, it just doesn’t seem as appealing as the main game does. The story is very short and puzzle-wise, it did not seem very hard to solve. There is always at least one solution that seems to be obvious. Nevertheless, a nice little expansion to add to the world of Stacking with the smallest hero named Charlie Blackmore.


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