Last weekend of freedom

So…this is the last week of freedom before my classes officially start.

The commencement date for classes is this Monday and classes start on the following Wednesday (23rd). I am actually looking forward to going back to school and having a proper set routine again. So wish me luck in that 🙂

Finally managed to get my student visa after some complications but everything is settled now. Hopefully it will not affect my..infrequent upload schedule any further.

Other than that, I am currently playing Black Mesa. Whether I will review that remains to be seen but it seems to be unlikely. Another thing is that I also got Half-Life 2, really really late since it was released like 4 years (1998) after I was born. I am eager to play some of the mods that I have seen.

ps: Black Mesa was a nightmare to download….thank the gaming gods I managed to find a mirror link that was a single .zip file. 


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