One Finger Death Punch

One Finger Death Punch, released back in 2014 on March followed the success of similar games such as Divekick. Using the concepts of simple controls (mainly two buttons) while delivering a great game.

Perhaps the idea is laughable but One Finger Death Punch consists of over 250 levels/stages, 13 modes and 3 difficulty levels. One Finger Death Punch and other games similar to it, prove that you do not need complexity to create a game that has tons of action and needing skills to beat it.

It is also a really addicting game to play, which isn’t good for someone who’s currently studying again. Do you know how hard it is to resist the urge to play games when a break from lectures occur?

As I mentioned earlier, One Finger Death Punch uses the concept of simple controls. In this case, you use the left and right mouse buttons to deliver devastating blows (and kicks) in the style of classic kung-fu styles such as Shaolin Tiger and Flying Crane. You also get to use the various weapons that you taken from your enemies. For those who played this game, I would predict their favorite weapons would be the ‘Ball of Death’ and either the knives or bow and arrow. Why? They pretty much instant kill your enemies, the Ball of Death can instantly kill all enemies provided it stays within your striking range and returns to you. Imagine the insane kill streak with it.2015-03-27_00005

Even the artwork is simple, every character is a stick man and the background is inspired by various kung-fu movies. I actually enjoy the simplicity of the game in both its art and controls. You can see they put a lot of work into the objects and backgrounds of the game despite the simple characters. It makes a nice change compared to other games. I almost forgot to mention, you cannot really move in this game either, unless the enemies are within your striking range.

One Finger Death Punch is a very intense and fast brawler. It will often speed up as you kill more enemies, I often end with the speed of 140+ % which provides the challenge as it means the enemies move progressively faster on you. Faster enemies means you need quicker reaction times so you do not break your combo or miss your attacks. To miss an attack, means leaving yourself vulnerable to enemy attacks which could mean the difference between life or death.

One of the biggest challenges you will face playing this game, is to resist the urge to ‘button mash’. I admit now that this is something I keep doing in One Finger Death Punch, usually when I am in panic mode. I can’t help it, working on it though. I now miss between 1-3 times on average since I am not actively button-mashing anymore. The game is actively trying to prevent you from button mashing. The game is designed in a way that you are punished for button-mashing, meaning you die basically. However the game also provides aid to help players avoid button-mashing via audio and visual cues. I rely heavily on the visual cues and not audio cues. Basically you need to develop the skill to not frantically mash the buttons, but rather to wait for the perfect time to strike. Sometimes waiting is the best strategy.2015-03-29_00002

The enemies will not give you an easy time either. You will face many enemies ranging from the weak grey stick men to brawlers. The enemies are color coded so you can prioritize certain enemies and anticipate them before they reach your strike range. The grey enemies are the weakest which means they only need to be hit once before they die. The green and blue enemies need to be killed by a combo but you need to watch them, they can dodge. React too slow and they will get a hit in, sometimes more than one hit. I hate these enemies in particular since they are always the ones to ruin my combo and make me miss, so I do not get the platinum medal for the level. Brawlers come in a variety of color but are always noticeable with the crown above their head, you need to engage in a one-on-one duel with them. Luckily when you engage in a duel with them, other enemies disappear so you can concentrate on the duel.

The levels vary from mob battles, fighting a boss, destroying objects, survival and so forth. You can also choose your path in the game so you could take one route and completely ignore a different route. However, you will miss some skills.

Now I mentioned skills, so what are they? They are passive unlockables which you can activate once you meet the requirements. They can range from getting more knives (to throw at enemies) to recovering one bar of health when you hit 99 kills. You will probably miss most of these skills if you do not fight all the levels. You do  not need them all but for those like me, it becomes an obsession causing you to seek them all out. In short, they give boosts and can really change the game. I love my knives skill when it activates, clears many enemies out quickly.


I installed this game thinking I would play it for only about 5 minutes. Something to help me wind down from school and I ended up playing for over 30 minutes. It is so fun and addicting to play. The game is a great stress reliever actually, especially if you are in one of those ‘kill-everyone’ moods or if you just want to play something fun quickly for a few minutes (or hours). One Finger Death Punch is available on Steam and it is very cheap. It is about $6SGD (Singapore Dollar) which I think is about $4USD possibly? I am not sure about the exchange rate. However it is a very cheap game and like I said, insanely fun to play.


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