The Typing of the Dead: Overkill

The Typing of the Dead: Overkill is the fifth title in the House of the Dead series, serving as the prequel to the original House of the Dead. It was released on 29th October, 2013. I believe this served as a sequel of sorts to Typing of the Dead which was a reimaging (and new concept) for House of the Dead 2. For those who do not know what sort of game House of the Dead 2 was, then shame on you.

Speaking about that, did anyone play the arcade version of House of the Dead? I always played House of the Dead 2 at my local arcade. Or time crisis 4. Good times.

The Typing of the Dead: Overkill is inspired by grindhouse movies and not traditional horror games as its basis. Actually to be honest, I do not think I ever saw a grindhouse movie expect once which I think was called Death Proof? But it was part 2 of that movie since I remember the ending of it, I had no idea what was going in that movie since I watched it towards the end. Do not remember why I was watching that movie, probably didn’t have anything else better on television at the time.2015-03-28_00012

The Typing of the Dead: Overkill is an on-rails shooter game meaning that the character’s pathing is already determined. You follow the set path shooting all the zombies blocking your way, occasionally collecting a power-up (i.e slow time down) or collectible (i.e concept art). However they are very easy to miss unless you are spamming the TAB key constantly to make sure you collected everything. If you’re the type of person who likes to unlock everything. If you just prefer to play the game then you can ignore everything minus the health kit if you lost health. I just spam the TAB button to see if I get anything, although I have not looked any of the concept art and posters I unlocked already so far.

Fun Fact: Do you know how awkward it is to play this game that has strippers dressed scantily with a somewhat conservative mother who likes to pop into your room at the worst timing ever? Can you imagine how that conversation would had went if she saw how Varla Guns was dressed? Nothing I could say would explain that away.

As for the gameplay, it is very straight-forward. You basically just type the words shown to you to kill the zombies. The words can vary from phrases, single words, a sentence or if you have the DLCs then it can include lyrics to famous songs, words from Shakespeare’s works and much more. To be honest, I do not think getting the DLCs are worth it since they just add words to the game’s dictionary that you can time. The reason I have them is because it was now on sale (at time of post) for a cheap price on Steam. Partially also because I assumed it would add extra content to the game, and not extra words. My advice in short is to stick with buying the main game, unless you want to amuse yourself with typing lyrics from songs, quotes from Shakespeare’s works and so forth. I just do not think it is worth the extra money.2015-03-28_00027

Back to the gameplay, as I mentioned earlier you type the words shown to you. The color of the textboxes varies to show how fast the zombies are. This gives you, the player a chance to rank which zombie is a bigger threat to you compared to the rest; especially if you are being approached by a group of zombies and you did not pick up a slow-time booster(?). Red would mean the zombie is about to eat your face off, yellow indicated imminent approach while grey is for super slow enemies. You also have targets that need you to type a single letter, these are usually what I refer to as ‘quick-draw targets’ since you have a limited time to shoot them before your character moves on to the next area. Unless its thrown objects, then you got to shoot those before they hit you. If it’s zombies then you have limited them to shoot them usually before your character decides to move forwards.

which is the real one? btw I hated this boss the most
hm..which is the real one? btw I hated this boss the most

The game heavily relies on the tongue-in-cheek humor and satire. While the dialogue of the game was humorous for the most part, it did not feel ‘smart’ in regards to the humor. What I mean is basically that it relies on the humor from having characters that literally had a swear word in every sentence, like Isaac Washington (not to sound racist, but he’s the only non-white character in the game) who drops the f-bomb in almost all his sentences or employs the word ‘mother-f*ker’ instead. Not forgetting that it heavily objectified the female characters, so the game may have gotten backlash from feminists. It feels like a gag that got reused so many times that it has lost it charm in some ways.

I think the game is more suited in a party setting with a group of people. It is still a good game even if you play it by yourself (like I did). Still challenging and fun despite the shortcomings of the game.


If you never played the original Typing of the Dead, such as myself then you will see the game as possibly a wonder or novelty in the concept. I admit I saw it as such but the game’s humor can quickly lose its charm. Not forgetting that the game’s ending traumatized me to the point that I am still considering whether I wish to get therapy or not. Although I think it was similar to the ending of one of the older games….I do not remember the title though . Or am I thinking of the Silent Hill: Homecoming cause one of the cover art for the game is similar to the game I am thinking of. Cannot remember so let’s ignore everything I just said about the game’s ending, minus the trauma part. The trauma is still relevant.

For those interested in the game, at the time of this post the game is still on sale. The sale lasts for another 33 hours so you still got a chance to get the game 75% cheaper than usual. So the game is basically $5 right now if you grab it before the sale ends. Just sayin’.


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