Stealth Bastard Deluxe

Stealth Bastard Deluxe, a 2D action-stealth platformer game developed by Curve Studios, and published by Curve Digital. It also has the amusing tagline: “tactical espionage arsehole

You play as a clone that trying to escape the deadly facility that is dead set on killing you. Why the facility is killing off clones, nobody knows. All you can rely on is your wits and your standard issued goggles forever glued to your face.

The shadows are your friend, but for how long will it keep you safe?

This game is brutal.2015-04-03_00002

There is no question about it. Death is going to occur often as the game mocks you via messages on the walls. I suppose in a way, this game is like Super Meat Boy with Portal 2 elements. In an odd way.

There are stealth elements in this game but it feels more like a puzzle-platformer. You spend more time solving puzzles than acting all stealth-like. Why? The game isn’t focused on the traditional sense of stealth where you progress slowly, hiding the shadows to reach your victims targets.


Stealth Bastard Deluxe does not roll that way. It focuses on speed and precision, along with puzzle-solving.

Fast-paced action all the way baby!

Honestly, I do not think the “bastard” that the game is referring to is not the clone you play as. Rather it is referring to the sadistic level designer of this game because I spent most of my time being a red bloody smear in the level. Whether the designer is sadistic or I am just masochistic for playing this game still remains to be seen. I am going to go with the designer being sadistic because………well….uhm…..why not?

Every single level (or test as it is called in the game) is an obstacle course of deadly lasers and traps. The facility is divided into 10 sector, with 8 levels per sector. Leaving the game with a total of 80 levels featuring many ways for you to die. If you finish the game and want to play more, you can always play the community levels made by other players.

2015-04-03_00006Each sector introduces a new mechanic to the player ranging from passive-aggressive robots to touch sensors. The further you progress, the more sadistically creative the game becomes with the mechanics and level design. There is also a collectible to be found in each level. What happens when you find them all per sector is something I have not found out yet. I also know you can unlock suits that have special properties to them but I never did figure how to unlock them yet.

The game even has a global leaderboard, keeping track of all the times that people took to complete the level. If you’re competitive, you got that to beat and good luck. Seeing how fast some of these people finished certain levels that took me over 2 minutes to successfully win is well….let’s just say I am really bad at this game 🙂

The game ranks you based on 3 factors which are: time, number of  deaths and number of times you were spotted. S-rank is the highest rank you can reach, supposedly getting all S-rank in the sectors unlocks a new level? Same goes for the collectibles I assume. If that is true, then there is more replay value for the game other than just playing the community made levels.

I feel undecided whether I really liked this game or not. I enjoyed the levels and the concept of the game. After the first few deaths, it became somewhat frustrating because I was just either dying repeatedly in the same spot or I was unable to figure out how to solve the level. I am not saying it is not a bad game because it is a really good game. I am just really shit bad at the game, so that affected how I viewed and enjoyed the game.

If you like 2D platformer games that have stealth/puzzle elements that is sadistic, then this is the game for you. It honestly feels like Portal 2 and Super Meat Boy combined. This would be the result from that union. Minus the portals.


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