Antumbra is an online game that I played recently after seeing a YouTube video on it.

The game is special to the developer who goes by the name of DroneLocker, as it was his first game and a result of a difficult period in his life. The game was inspired by several things ranging from: Silent Hill, Dark Souls, Hellraiser and Lovecraft.


You can play the games on the following sites, as it is only being hosted on the three websites below: / /

I recommend using either the Gamejolt or Kongregate links. I tried the newsground link but it didn’t seem to load the game.

DroneLocker is not kidding when he says that the game is hard. The game is unforgiving because a single mistake will have you begin at the start of the game again. I restarted the game several times already just trying to get into the house…..I never figured how you get inside.

The game is very surreal and unsettling. While the game is labelled as a horror game, there is no jump scares. None that I have met, minus “Pride” and reading the text about your child. Reading the text for those particular sections was disturbing on so many levels.

Despite this being DroneLocker’s first game that he designed and created from scratch, I found it to be a really solid game. It been a long time since I played any online game, especially a point and click game online. I am really impressed with Antumbra. So well done DroneLocker 🙂


DroneLocker nailed the atmosphere of the game right on the money, it provided the sense of uneasiness and the surrealism of the creepy kind. Combined with the sound/audio of the game just adds more to the game’s atmosphere and ambience. The timing of the audio cues during the game was perfect, such as having the sounds of banging doors when the text is telling you that doors were being slammed violently. Good sound design always enhances the experience of a game, especially if you are trying to make a game that is horror-related. While I wouldn’t necessarily label this as hardcore horror, it certainly had a lot of elements that provided disconcerting.

As this is a point and click game, the game-play is pretty simple since you are using the mouse to navigate and interact with the game. You could simply click to make the text load faster instead of watching it be slowly typed out on the screen. This is important as one of the puzzles requires timing on your part to safely pass through to the next area (hint: it involves getting wet).


From what I have read, DroneLocker planned for the game to be much longer with an RPG element but he had to scrap the idea due to time constraints. He is planning on possibly making Antumbra 2 but only if there is enough support for the game. The hope is that if he receives enough support for a sequel of the game, he will make it with better graphics and longer game-play. His primary channel of communication is on Facebook, so if you want to support him or just encourage him to create a sequel, his official Facebook can be found here.

He is even willing to create an OST of the game if enough people ask for it. Just thought that was nice of DroneLocker.

Antumbra is a very surreal and creepy point and click game. For being someone’s first game, it is well made with good design. As it was made during a difficult time during his life, hopefully now his life is going much more smoothly. I suggest you give a game a try, but be warned the game is hard. However there is an official walk-through for those who are stuck.


masochistic angel?! ._.
masochistic angel?! ._.

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