Atomic Loot: April

I do not know about you guys, but when I first heard about Loot Crate. My face was like this:

Then I found out that they did not ship to Singapore…

Then after goofing around on the internet 2-3 weeks ago (instead of finishing my game scripts), I found out that Singapore did have their own version of Loot Crate. The Singapore version, called Atomic Loot which is given out by the local comic bookstore called Atomic Comics. So on Monday, I headed over to the store to ask about their Atomic Loot membership. So guess what I got yesterday?

That’s right. My first Atomic Loot Box. Obviously, this is the month of April which the theme was Avengers. Check out the pictures!

Edit: In the second image, you can see a poster where the Hulk is hugging the other avengers. The poster was recalled as it turns out, it was distributed without the artist’s permission. It was replaced with a new poster which is the final image. Shame, I really liked that first poster, it was adorable.


the glorious box of goodies
the glorious box of goodies

IMG_0322 IMG_0323


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