Littlewargame (yes it is one word) is an online RTS (real-time strategy) game. It is browser-based and runs on HTML5. This means you do not need to download, get any plugins or register to play the game. You could create an account, or just play as a guest which what I did 🙂

It is for free and playable right on your own browser! It has a great community, what more can you possibly want?

In the game, you control various units ranging from workers to soldiers. You start with workers, but as time goes on you can build more buildings which gives you more workers. You can train them to be specialized soldiers (or archers) to defend your fledging base from enemies, or attack the enemy bases yourself with your army.

You can play either on against other people on multiplayer or single-player against the computer.


Since the game has a map editor, there are lots of playable maps created by the community for other players to play on. These maps have different player limits from two players to the maximum of six players.

Littlewargame uses pixel graphics, further proving you do not need high-end graphics to create an enjoyable game.

If you enjoy real-time strategy games or games that use pixel graphics, check out and play Littlewargame! However make sure your browser supports HTML5 otherwise the game will not run.

Although I do not recommend playing this with a spastic mouse like I am. It makes navigating through the menus and scrolling through the map a little difficult at times. One of these days I will replace my computer mouse.

You can find out more about the idea behind game on the official blog for Littlewargame. The blog actually belongs to the person who developed Littlewargame. Or the blog run by some fans of the game.


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