Recent Changes

Hey everyone!

Just a quick post of the things I have changed around the blog, mostly because my OCD kicked in.

First of all: I have once again, changed the category listing around again. So the former labels “Windows” and “OS X” are now renamed as “PC” and “Mac”. There is also a new class called “SteamOS + Linux” as I noticed I was missing that particular group. Hopefully I will no longer feel the need to change the category system again.

So hopefully I managed to get all the 400+ posts updated correctly to their categories. If I missed or mislabeled anything, please do not hesitate to let me know via the comments or by email.

While doing all this, I have realized that I never actually reviewed two add-ons for Fallout 3. Point Outlook and The Pitt. I thought I had reviewed those two but apparently I have not. So keep an eye out for the very much delayed review for those two.

Other than that, I been mostly busy with class. The current class project is to recreate the Space Invaders game using our own code on Unity. That is the main project, although I just realized I also had another project for the digital imaging clas. On Monday [18/5/15], there is a major workshop event going on, which my class will be attending. It goes from 12 to 6 so hopefully it should be educational. I am not too thrilled with the hours, but since it is an educational workshop for Unity 5; it will not be too bad otherwise I am going to be really bummed out.

I was debating whether I wanted to change the theme/appearance of the blog, but I am rather fond with the current look.  So that is still debatable. We will see.

Update 17.5.15: Changed the blog’s “official” icon and author avatar. Thanks to the people on for the awesome icons!


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