Fallout 3 DLC: Point Lookout

It feels very odd typing a review for an official add-on for a game that you never realized you missed a couple of years back.

Point Lookout takes you, the lone wanderer into the swamps of Point Outlook State Park. A place where the bombs never hit, but the world has left behind…all forgotten. You find yourself in the middle of a bitter vendetta that had roots long before the Great War occurred.  It can only be ended with one of the rival’s deaths. Whose side will you ultimately choose?

You can play this anytime upon leaving Vault 101 provided you have activated the add-on in the data files. Upon loading, you will get a pip-boy message (like most of the add-ons minus Broken Steel) which directs you to a new site called ‘Pilgrim’s Landing‘, where a steamboat awaits you.

Point Lookout differs vastly from the setting of Fallout 3. In Fallout 3, you spend most of your time in the wastelands of Washington, D.C (and parts of Northern Virginia and Maryland) Also known as the Capital Wastelands. You would expect for another setting similar to the one set in Fallout 3; lots of desolate ruins and radioactivity. The usual sort of thing you would assume to see.

Instead you enter a new setting that still has trees, and for the most part, not completely ruined by the “Great War”. Nevertheless, the war has changed the park in different ways.

You also meet new enemies unique to the add-on ranging from Swamp-folk, swamp ghoul and swamplurk. Those are the main new enemies, although the swamp-folk have variations, and you do meet a bunch of robo-brains towards the end of the quests. You can also find weapons and perks unique to the add-on.

I enjoyed the quests for Point Outlook, in particular the side-quest called ‘The Velvet Curtain’. I enjoyed how you had to travel around the swamps, searching for clues about what happened to the supposed ‘handler’ of the foreign agent, before completing the mission of destroying the submarine. As well as the little twist when you went to collect your “reward” for finishing the mission. Shame that the submarine had to go, it would be an interesting base of sorts. Although I suppose the motel room you get in Point Lookout is an unofficial base within the swamps. I was not a fan of the quest called ‘The Dark Heart of Blackhall’ since that involved me going to the Dunwich Building which quite frankly, freaks me out and I typically avoid going inside that building if I can.

For the main story of Point Lookout, there is actually only a total of five quests although some might take a bit longer to get through. Hearing the back-story of an old rivalry between the two pre-war “top-dogs” for a lack of a better word was quite interesting. Especially when it was explained how the two used vastly different methods to make sure they survived the nuclear fallout. As well understanding the dynamics between the local “tribals” of Point Outlook and Professor Calvert; including the supposed business arrangement between the shady steamboat captain Tobar and the locals.

Other than Broken Steel, I think Point Outlook was the only add-on that I enjoyed. My favorite add-on by far is still Operation AnchorageEven if Operation: Anchorage was much shorter compared to the other add-ons. Had fun playing Point Lookout, some of the mods that I have played that took place in Point Lookout was pretty amazing as well, as well giving an excuse to return to the swamps. The side-quests were probably the most fun; although once the main story began picking up and you understanding the feud, the story was satisfying to see through to the end.

The only down-side I truly see is how once you finish this, you do not have a reason to return to the swamps. Other than to possibly collect fruit, finish side-quests and track down any unique items you may have missed.


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