Midterm Break

So my midterm/summer break isn’t for another 2 weeks. I got a bit more free time for now but I still have to finish up my game projects, since so far I only submitted the alpha versions. Therefore, I have an extra 3 weeks to polish it as much as I can to a beta version.

Currently I been playing Trine 2 as I never finished it; I stopped playing the first time since, as certain sections are hard to complete without at least another player assisting you. Right now I believe I am on chapter 11 which leaves 2 more chapters before I finish the game. I might wait for the summer Steam sale so I can upgrade it to the complete version and try out the Goblin Menace DLC plus the Dwarven Caverns level.

Whether I go into the custom maps made by the Steam community…well, I haven’t decided on that yet.

As for the upcoming Steam summer sale, I do not think I will get many games unless majority of the games on my wishlist are on sale for ridiculously cheap. There are only two games that I am really looking forward to getting during the sale; GTA V and Far Cry 4. Those are the only titles I am really hoping to get during the sale.

That’s all for now, therefore I shall take my leave.



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