Trine 2

Trine 2 is a fun fairytale-esque platformer with beautiful graphics and physics puzzles. There are a total of three playable characters: the jovial knight, the crafty thief with lastly the somewhat restless wizard.

Trine 2 is playable in multiplayer with up to three players. Either online or local. It is playable as a solo run but you may experience some difficulties during certain sections. I know I did. It made me wish I had a partner during those particular times.I skipped playing Trine, instead I went straight for the sequel. I plan on rectifying that in the future since I would like to know how the three characters met each other.

Each character has their own distinctive skill set. Their controls are simple and you can smoothly swap between powers and characters. Much of the puzzles actually revolve around the skills of the characters, while making sure you do not solely rely on a single character’s skill. Throughout the levels are experience “potions/orbs” which allow you to level up and assign skill points to the character’s skill tree. You are even allowed to reset a certain skill to regain skill points to unlock another skill.2015-06-09_00006

Brief description of the characters’ skills:

Amadeus the Wizard: Remarkably, his main skills revolve around conjuring items (boxes & planks) or levitation. There seems to be an ongoing joke in-game on his lack of combative ability, specifically being unable to cast a fireball.

Pontius the Knight: The reliable knight of the kingdom. His forte is combat, however his biggest weakness is food as seen by his hefty frame. He is able to fight with both a sword + shield and powerful hammer.

Zoya the Thief: Despite her questionable profession as a thief, she has a love for adventure. She is never seen without her ever-present bow or trusted grappling hook. Even though she is considered hero of the Trine, her love for treasure can led her astray.

Personally, I think Amadeus is the best character to play for most solo players. His ability to conjure boxes and planks makes going through puzzles extremely easy. Especially if you invest heavily in his skill tree. It may seem and feel “cheaty” at times but his character does have a smoother time compared to the other two. I swapped between all three characters however, based on the current level. I think Pontius was the character I had invested the least in, skill tree wise with Amadeus being in the lead. Obviously Zoya was in the middle since sometimes, you just cannot beat having a grappling hook.

Many of the puzzles actually seem to be simple at first glance, however may have complex solutions. You even have the pleasure of skirting around puzzles by ‘cheating’ a way around it.

Fun fact: I was playing Trine 2 in school with a classmate watching me. He highly disapproved when I cheated my way around certain puzzles. In my defense, I did try to solve it in a legitimate way before I got annoyed and resorted to more dubious methods (aka summoning boxes and planks for the win!!!!!!)

solving puzzles like a boss
solving puzzles like a boss

The pacing of the game is actually rather brisk, despite the plot being broken down into over ten chapters. If you get stuck at a certain point for over several minutes, the narrator will helpfully supply you a hint. For those who like a challenge, there are hidden chests and/or experience orbs. The chests often hold either a collectible poem or painting.

Overall, Trine 2 is extremely player-friendly with simple controls and hint system. I enjoyed hearing the narration and the banter between the three characters, it was amusing at times. The provided humor giving a welcome break from puzzle solving and platforming. The game fits reasonably well within its genre with its storybook style narration and music. The graphics were detailed with lively colors that at certain points, you will stop to enjoy the visuals. I can’t say nor compare this to the predecessor since I have not played it, but I can definitely say that those who plan on playing Trine 2 are in for a real treat.


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