Trine 2 DLC: Goblin Menace

Trine 2: Goblin Menace is the only official add-on for Trine 2. Minus the bonus Dwarven Cavern level. It takes place after the main story, as it is only accessible once you defeat the last boss in the last chapter.

For some odd reason, when I upgraded to Trine 2: Complete Story….the add-on wasn’t available immediately. I eventually figured out that I had to fight the last boss again to start the add-on.

ps: is it just me or does this year’s summer Steam sale seem really glitched?

The Goblin Menace expansion adds some new skills to the heroes’ skill trees and a new campaign that spans about six levels.

Oh, and lots of goblins.

Honestly, I have no idea how it went from rescuing a kingdom to suddenly saving your city from an invading party of Goblins. Then again, I first played Trine 2 over 3 years ago but never finished it till this I am pretty sure it was explained earlier in the story and I just completely forgotten about it by now.So you continue the adventures of Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight and Zoya the Thief as they try to save their hometown from the Goblin invasion. Their adventure will see them traveling from the city, to a vast desert, a digestive tract of the worm and snowy mountains.

The artwork is still stunning, although I can’t say the same for the adventures in the worm’s digestive system. That level still gives me nightmares. So many “nope” moments just for that chapter alone. I was so happy to be free from the bowels of the worm.2015-06-13_00005

I think the main complaint I have with the add-on is how much harder it was compared to the main game. Not harder in the puzzle sense where you had to do more to solve it, more along the lines where death was a common occurrence throughout the game. For example, in the snowy mountains chapter, there is a point you can go off to the right where it is nearly black with little lighting. You can hardly see the mushrooms, so I ended up dying there a few times and when you think it is safe, you are eaten by a very well camouflaged monster. I barely saw two hidden mushrooms which led to the hidden chest.

There are also times where levels seem to need the specific skill set of a character and if that character dies, you have no choice but return to the last checkpoint to try again. The platforming sequences required you to time the jump perfectly, otherwise you just fell to your death. I was not a big fan of the floating electric platforms since it made swimming in the water to get the experience orbs impossible.2015-06-12_00008The enemies you face are mostly goblins; although you do fight stone golems, goblin-made war machines and desert worms. Like everything else in Trine 2, it is beautifully drawn….but the combat system with them is so chaotic. It often feels like you are just button mashing at times. The levels have smaller spaces/platforms so the enemies are often right on top of you. Most of the enemies, especially goblin war machines have such a small target area that you may often end up dying before you can actually defeat them.

While I love Trine 2, in terms of the game mechanics, level and puzzle design and especially the artwork; the Goblin Menace add-on feels somewhat rushed to me and didn’t meet the standard that Trine 2 had set.


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