Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty: Ghosts is the 10th title in the Call of Duty franchise, and the sixth game to be developed by Infinity Ward. From what I remember, there was a lot of hype surrounding the game. It received very mixed reviews once the game was released.

I admit I pre-purchased this game, but it was not due to the hype surrounding the game. I got it just because it looked cool. Yes, that is my real reason. I saw the screenshots and the trailer for it, thought it looked awesome enough so I got it to satisfy my need to shoot things (and people). The fact you could use an attack dog might have contributed as well.

One of my favorite missions
One of my favorite missions

I also have another confession to make. I was really underwhelmed by the game. It left me feeling like the game was more “meh” then “THAT.WAS.AWESOME”. The trailer got me more pumped up than the game itself.

However, that doesn’t mean that the game sucked. Ghosts does have its moments, but when it follows more or less the same recipe, it loses the ‘wow‘ factor. What do I mean? Ghosts uses the formula that follows: stealth mission > guns blazing > run for your life through burning buildings/explosions during the last stretch of the mission. Rinse and repeat. While I do not mind the formula per say, I do mind the frequency. It makes the game lose a lot of impact when it reaches what I dub ‘blockbuster‘ moments. As by then, everything has become so mind-numbing repetitive that you just do not care.

The plot for the Ghosts solo campaign takes place in an alternative universe in the future , where you play as Logan, the youngest of the Walker Brothers. It starts off with your father (Elias) telling you and your older brother Hesh, the origin story about of an elite team known as “Ghosts”.  Suddenly city is under attack, and you all are forced to escape and leave the city. Most of the events take place 10 years later after the destruction of San Diego, you find out that the USA has been invaded by the fictional superpower known as the Federation whom is now at war with the States.

Awww yes, little hard to control but then again I am typically bad piloting a chopper

The solo campaign does have its strong moments. Mainly the new environments you fight combat in. Fighting in space with zero-gravity, sneaking your way around enemy patrols in the thick jungles to avoiding sharks underwater was the more enjoyable missions of the game. Okay, not so much dodging the sharks considering I failed predicting the shark’s movement and ended being shark chow twice. Underwater combat was fun though. I even enjoyed the missions where you got to pilot tanks and combat helicopters (at least I think it was a chopper). It made a nice break from all the on-foot combat scenarios.


Replacing the pre-mission maps loading screens from the previous installments was a welcome change. I enjoyed the stylist cut-scenes that clearly detailed the next mission in the story more so than the mission map loading screens. A very welcomed change.

new pre-mission loading screen
new pre-mission loading screen

There is also the expectation of you being able to use the combat dog, to just tear down enemies. Or something to that effect. While I love Riley, the German Shepherd that accompanies you for most of the missions since Riley has his badass moments. So you would imagine you form an emotional bond Riley as you both go through the harsh environments and battles. Instead, you get to watch your brother Hesh and his bond with Riley, leaving you as the third wheel. Granted there are certain points you are prompted to use Riley to lure/attack enemies. Or the one mission where Riley has to sneak around a large enemy patrol unit which was actually pretty cool, if not annoying since Riley can only become invisible in long grass. Even sneaking along side of the road where none of the enemies can see you, still counts as you being spotted.


I felt the plot was very bland for the most part. You have no idea what the Federation is attacking the States, other than the obvious hint there is bad blood between the two. Your main enemy is a rather uninspired character who has a personal grudge against an entire enemy he used to lead, even though the one who created the antagonist’s grudge did not have much of a choice. Although I am curious if there is a Call of Duty: Ghosts 2 since I would somewhat want to see how the story concludes mainly due to the cliffhanger.

While I have not played the multiplayer, I heard that it is a lot better compared to the campaign missions. As far I know about the multiplayer, you can fully customize your solider (male/female) with: unlockable faces, uniforms, weapons, and streaks to choose from. There are also new game modes for the multiplayer notably: Cranked and Blitz. From what I understand, Cranked is similar to team death match with a twist. While Blitz is a gauntlet mode as players try to move through the opposing team’s defenses to reach the goal on the other side of the map.

do you know how hard it is to aim when you are on a very rocky train ride?

Outside of that, you can also play co-op with friends which are broken down into two other modes: Squads and Extinction. Squads has you create a group of AI soldiers and play with the bots in team vs team and cooperative modes. Squads also has a horde mode where you fight against endless waves of gun-wielding enemies. Extinction has you fighting hordes of aliens (yes, you read that right) as you try to destroy their nests spread around the map. It sort of reminds me of the other modes in older call of duty titles where you fight zombies. Fighting aliens does not have the same novelty as killing zombies, but considering I never played it, I cannot say much about that.

Call of Duty: Ghosts did not meet the hype that surrounded it. However the multiplayer makes up for the somewhat bland campaign missions supposedly. The change in pre-mission loading screens was a welcome addition. The variety in campaign environments was very enjoyable, and the inclusion of tank/chopper missions gave a good break from on-foot missions. Otherwise the campaign story-line was rather disappointing. However the game-play was smooth and the controls were very responsive.


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