Bloody Trapland

Bloody Trapland is a fun yet brutal platformer game that can be played with friends (up to four players total). With over a hundred levels, there is plenty of fun to be had in tricky jumps and dodging dangerous traps!

Warning: this game may or may not test your friendships or patience levels. Rage-quitting may occur

Bloody Trapland has a total of three modes that you can play: adventure, death-match and race. There is also a level editor so you can create your own levels or play the custom levels that other players in the community have made.

The story for adventure mode is rather vague. The introduction to each world often alludes that there is a story, but I keep skipping the introductions. Therefore, I really do not have a clue what the story is on about. As far as I know, four cats are on a quest of sorts that is leading them through grasslands, deserts and even snow-capped mountains.

This level gave my friend and I so much trouble. How we succeeded…I have no idea

The game is made up of a series of themed “worlds” all linked together by a world map. Each of the worlds has their own series of stages (around ten levels per world). Every stage also happens to be filled with a myraid of obstacles and hazards which include: spikes, spinning saw-blades of doom, lava and turrets/cannons. Some of the levels do branch off to a ‘secret’ level but eventually merge back with the main path. Most stages have at least two secret levels or alternative path depending on what you wish to call them.

Players can play as four different colored cats, with their own distinct attitude and accessory. I like the blue cat (aka ‘Like a Sir’) mainly due to the monocle and top hat. Got to be fancy yo! Other than those distinguishing features, the cats are identical. You can use either the left and right arrow keys or “A/D” to move left and right. Space-bar or the up arrow keys allows you to jump, oh and “W” works as a jump key as well.

Other than deadly traps/obstacles, you have no enemies or bosses to fight. No hunting for elusive keys. Your only main goal is to survive long enough to reach the other side, without being killed on the traps. Easier said than done.

Funnily enough, there is no actual gore in the game. The blood that flies all over the place, hence giving the name ‘Bloody‘ in Bloody Trapland is actually pixels when a player explodes on a trap.


Successfully completely a stage allows players to replay beaten stages, and subsequently unlocks the next stage. Although I think if you do reach the 10th level in a world, you could actually just move onto the next world.

I do have a complaint in which I wish there was some form of a checkpoint system. Too often my friend and I would reach the halfway point of a level, only to die and being forced to restart from the beginning of the level. Hence why I would refer to this as a rage game, but in the end, despite the multiple deaths we actually still had a lot of fun. Just having a checkpoint of sorts when you reach a point in the level would be nice though, just so you aren’t forced to repeatedly repeat the level to return where you died.

Personally I think the game is better suited to play as a multiplayer co-op game than a solo game. It is a very enjoyable experience with friends, insane amounts of fun to be had!

The level design is what shines the most for Bloody Trapland. My feelings for the visuals are mixed. On the one hand, I love the simplicity of the sprites but on the other, it is easy to overlook details or misjudge the function of an object. Although the titular blood easily highlights problem areas for players due to the insane amount of blood surrounding a certain trap. The soundtrack seems to make a throwback to retro games, luckily the soundtrack is solid otherwise I would imagine it would drive players (myself included) insane with repetition. Thankfully the soundtrack does offer some form of diversity with its tracks. Is it odd that the soundtrack reminds me of Pokémon? Especially the Pokémon battle music.


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