Unboxing – The Hero's Guides to the Elder Scrolls Online

So I just got back at Singapore today at around 8pm. Although it took me a little while to actually leave the airport. Why? Well I arrived at the international airport in Thailand a little (over 3 hours) too early, that the boarding gate was not even officially announced yet. I know I am going a little off topic but bear with me; so by arriving too early it meant that my suitcase and box (filled with food stuffs) were the part of the last bag group.

I totally did not have a brief panic attack when I couldn’t find my suitcase or box.

On an unrelated note, there was like a group of people who had like over 10 dogs with them. Wonder why they had so many dogs. They had like a terrier, Siberian husky, American bulldog and Pomeranian.

Anyways. I bought the Hero’s Guides to the Elder Scrolls Online nearly a week ago before heading off to Thailand. I was actually expecting to receive the package around tomorrow or possibly later on the week. It was pleasant surprise to see it on the table waiting for me. According to my dad, apparently whoever delivered the box found no one home and decided to hide it behind our neighbor’s potted plant. Of all places. Oh and for the record, I live at a condominium. At least I did not have to go pick it up at the post office.

I am really looking forward to reading the three books (well…two journals and notebook?) tomorrow when I get back from the brief grocery shopping. I actually did not realize this was a limited edition. I guess I missed that cause I was too busy staring at the images and finding out what the centerpieces were on. You can find out more about the item I got at the link below:

Other than that. Enjoy this late post of mine and hope you liked seeing the unboxing of the guides. Although I never did play Elder Scrolls Online….but I am a fan of the Elder Scrolls franchise so I guess it works out in the end. One last thing, enjoy the backdrop of the images 🙂 Winnie the Pooh sheet to protect my bed from dust and other things. Supposedly, I just do what my mom tells me to do cause her wrath be scary to invoke.

 ps: I am really hungry now

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