Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the latest release in the Call of Duty franchise. Sadly like its predecessor Ghosts, it has a lot of mixed reviews. Last time I checked, most of the hate was on the lag in the game had and lack of dedicated servers for multiplayer. This was when I checked sometime last year so I do not know whether that is still the case now or not.

Although I will admit that even on the solo campaign with a fairly decent laptop, even I experienced some lag from time to time. Most of these occurred during the cut-scenes. The game was fine, it was just the cut-scenes that my laptop seemed to have trouble with. At one point, my game froze and it was painful trying to force quit.

I need to get this out-of-the-way because I just cannot help myself. I really need to know. Are the cut-scenes in Advanced Warfare pre-rendered or live action? Cause it looks far too good to be pre-rendered, if it was then it looks pretty darn realistic.

Seriously, is this pre-rendered or live action?
Seriously, is this pre-rendered or live action?

Advanced Warfare tries to breathe life into the franchise with the addition of: new setting and futuristic technology. Since I do not actually play the multiplayer, I can only assume that the new technology introduced in Advanced Warfare does extremely well in multiplayer. Since it allows players to customize their soldiers with their load-out and skins.Campaign wise, I felt the story was rather predictable and bland. It starts off with a bang with you being dropped right into the combat zone and using your exo-suit to do feats impossible otherwise. Using your grapple hook to reach high ledges or killing enemies, hover over large chasms or double jumping are just the few things the exo-suit can do. The only complaint I have are with the keys to activate the different abilities, I often had to rely on the prompts cause I had no idea which key was for which ability. I also would had preferred to been able to choose my exo-suit’s loadout since I did not use the equipment the game gave me often (i.e exo-shield).

This actually could apply to the grenades as well since you had two keys assigned for grenades. I ended up mixing the two buttons before I finally remembered which key was for which grenade set. It was annoying at times especially when you actually had to use grenades.

The story actually had a very strong start, then as the game progressed it slowly fizzled away. Although the main villain of the game had a very strong presence in the game and was acted by A-list actor Kevin Spacey. In fact the realism in the actors’ faces draws your attention towards them. Sadly the lack of connection between the characters and Kevin Spacey’s character fails to give any emotional impact/connection it was intended to bring. Now that I think about it, the ending was actually kind of cheesy.

Bus surfing, no big deal
Bus surfing, no big deal

I think my most glorious moment in Advanced Warfare was finding out I could actually grapple to go inside an attacking enemy helicopter. So I did because why not? Going in there, punching enemies out of the chopper and shooting down the pilots before jumping out as the chopper was spiraling out of control. The best part though? I was never prompted to do that, I was in control the entire time. Although being able to use the grapple to kill the pilot of the AST (armored support transport) or what I like to dub as a “mech-suit”. How awesome is it to see your character forcibly pull the pilot out of their suit, taking the second to look into their eyes then smashing their face into the ground?

The whole mission involving you piloting a fighter jet plane should been cool but that quickly became one of the few missions that became frustrating for me. Mostly because I found it so difficult to control the jet thus crashing several times in the canyon.

Another thing I hated was the incoming transmission window. It was really distracting for me personally and I found it took much of the screen. Just my opinion since I found it annoying that I couldn’t see what behind that window while trying to dodge falling debris and bullets.


Advanced Warfare had a very solid start to the campaign’s story but lost the momentum as it progressed. The cut-scenes were extremely well done that still has me trying to figure out whether it was live action or pre-rendered. Kevin Spacey’s character has a lot of presence in the game but the failure to develop any emotional bond between all characters, means that players are not affected by it. Although he does a superb job with his character, I must admit that. The controls for the jet plane was far too twitchy for my liking and the two sets of grenades confused me till I finally figured it out. Despite the shallow story, it definitely has its moments. It had a lot of potential but it is likely it was fulfilled in the multiplayer and not the solo campaign.


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