Trine: Enchanted Edition

Trine: Enchanted Edition is actually a remake of Trine, using Trine 2’s game engine and supports multiplayer which was not available on the original version.

I just realized I have not played in the Trine trilogy in the correct order at all. The first one I played in this series was Trine 2, now I just finished Trine 1 the remake and then moving onto the early access version of Trine 3.

Trine originally was released back in 2009 as a solid action/puzzle game where emphasis was on the level design. In 2014, Trine was revived as it was remade on the newer Trine 2 engine. At least I now know how the heroes knew each other during Trine 2 and the significance about the titular magical artifact. I really should try play games in order next time.

Dat treasure!!
Dat treasure!!

Anyways, Trine has three playable characters. For those who did not read my review for Trine 2 or unfamiliar with the Trine trilogy, the three characters consists of: Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight and Zoya the Thief. The trio is forever joined when they touch upon the magical Trine artifact which has bound their souls into one.

So lesson learned? Do not touch strange magical artifacts if you do not know what they are or do.

Trine actually has an inventory system, about 9 slots per character thus leaving you a total of 27 slots. As you progress through the adventure, there are hidden chests in often difficult and hard-to-reach places. However if you manage to reach them, the chests contain a trinket which give a boost to the character who has it equipped. Other trinkets may give boosts if it is equipped with a specific character. Trinkets’ effects can range from: allowing a specific character to breathe underwater indefinitely, increase damage, allow the wizard to conjure more planks or boxes and so forth.

Inventory system

I liked the idea of the inventory system but I do not think it worked out so well ultimately in the game. Good concept. Like I mentioned earlier, you can only get those if you find the chests and manage to reach them. So I am guessing it works as a reward for finding the elusive chests by giving you a boost? Cause the game does become intense near the end of the game.

You also can gain experience by finding experience potions or combating enemies. Once you level up, you can get a skill or improve a skill which aids you in the game. I think Trine 2 did a better job with the skills personally, especially by setting it as a skill tree set and allowing you to choose which skills to unlock. In Trine/Enchanted edition, you often had to wait for the skill to be given to you then slowly gain all the experience needed to level it up.

I did not agree with giving all three characters a ‘mana’ system was a little odd. Obviously the wizard having ‘mana’ when he conjures boxes, planks and even a floating platform. I sort of wish that they kept that ability for Trine 2, but I suppose it would had made things too easy. Mana for the thief and the knight though? Not so much. The knight may make sense since he’s using a special ability for his shield, similar to like gravity shield. I do not see how it would apply to the thief since it makes her fire arrows to be mostly used as a way to light torches. I did not really use it for combat when I realized it drained her mana, although I used it as a last resort.

Hey there Mr.Skeleton, how's it hanging?
Hey there Mr.Skeleton, how’s it hanging?

Story-wise, I thought it was interesting although I got a little lost at certain points. Mostly because I was skipping the narration due to my impatience since I wanted to keep going with the game. I loved how it explained the legend of the mystical Trine and the backstory for each of the characters.

I found the game suddenly increased in difficulty as the game progressed, most of the levels in the sixteen chapters were doable (fifteen with one bonus chapter I guess?). Once you got to chapter fourteen-fifteen, damn the difficulty just suddenly spiked way up. Although with that said, I did love the final chapter where you had to race up the tower avoiding traps, skeletons and the ever-rising lava to reach the top to save the kingdom. I was expecting a boss fight though which never happened.

By the powers combined… I… am… Captain Trine! bad joke, sorry. I’ll go away now

Although I do find it rather odd that Trine was chosen to be given…a reboot? It just improves the graphics and gives the game better lighting, which looks phenomenal by the way. Other than that, it did not really bring anything new to the game as far as I am aware. the game-play was solid and the visual art was a treat for the eyes.

With that said, I know this is an older game but I think Trine 2 was far better than its predecessor. Trine 2 kept the key elements while adding something new to the game.


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