Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power [Early Access]

Trine 3: the Artifacts of Power is the latest installment for the Trine series. It is now on early access. The current status for the early access is the first three levels are available  and challenge levels.

Trine 3 has taken a bold step, moving away from 2D game-play set by the predecessors into 3D game-play.

Trine 3 is set to be officially released during or after the summer this year (2015). Based on what I seen so far, I am actually really excited for the official launch of Trine 3.


I absolutely love how the game looks with graphics, it looks spectacular in 3D! So much eye-candy and prettiness!

I think I have the gist of the story which ties in to the events of the first game, but was not mentioned during the second game. I definitely am curious to see if the other artifacts play a part in this game, other than just the Soul artifact (aka the Trine).

You still play as the original three heroes of the Trine: Amadeus, Pontinus and Zoya. You progress through the game solving puzzles and fighting enemies using their respective skills. Due to their souls being bound by the Trine, only one of them can ever exist at a single time. Even the setting is the same, which is a kingdom in a fantasy (and almost fairy-tale esque) world.

Zoya highly disapproves her exploration of ancient ruins (aka treasure hunting) to be interrupted

As always, the game begins by introducing the protagonists in the first chapters. Not only these serve as a tutorial to the characters’ special skills (i.e grappling hook) but also give a back-story to the characters and their current lives. It does add humor seeing what they were doing before the Trine arrives and throws them face first into another adventure. Especially Zoya’s reaction to the Trine while she was on an adventure in a ruined temple (I am assuming its a temple).

Although I think the game may be easier to play with a controller. I find it hard to judge distances in 3D without being able to control the camera view; there were a few times where I accidentally jumped to my death, because I could not really see what I was doing. The main death I seem to suffer in the game is falling to my death behind the game’s scenery. Or accidentally using the grappling hook and swinging off towards my death as Zoya. Navigating the game on the keyboard but it does get a little tricky. I would really liked being able to control the camera to see what I was doing at least.2015-07-16_00007

Overall, I have very high hopes for the game. Early access shows that the game has great potential but there still some glitches/bugs that they need to fix before officially releasing it. Especially when it comes to 3D platforming, which leads to a problem since one level has many ways to solve a puzzle since all three heroes have skills that could solve it. Whether it is using a shield as a hang-glider, swinging across with a grappling hook or conjuring a box/summoning items towards you. The story is definitely one of the main points I am looking forward too, other than seeing more of the game’s amazing graphics. Solving the puzzles is another aspect I am looking forward too as well, maybe I will improve as the game progresses.

I do definitely like the addition of the challenge levels since it lets you focus on a single hero’s special ability and adding more to the story as well. I particularly like Zoya’s challenge levels, even though I have yet to beat it . I keep dying in the strangest of ways as Zoya.


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