Never Alone DLC: Fox Tales

So back last year saw the release of Never Alone [Kisima Ingitchuna] which was a beautiful game despite some of the flaws. Nevertheless, I remembered the game for being unique by linking itself with Inuit culture.

Never Alone has now come with its first expansion pack. I guess there’s a plan for possible further expansions? Or it is possibly the only expansion that Never Alone will get. I am going off-track already. As I was saying, it has released its first expansion back in July called Fox-Tales which is based on an Inuit story called: The Two Coastal Brothers.


Nuna and her fox friend are seen celebrating their joy of spring after spending the winter cramped inside. In their joy, they have forgotten an important rule that their elders have taught them: respect all living creatures. They chase an innocent mouse, but their game goes horribly wrong when the mouse fall into the fast moving water towards the ocean. Seeing the mouse in danger causes Nuna to panic and tries to rescue the mouse. From there onwards, it follows loosely the tale of the two brothers, with Nuna and her companion taking the roles of the two brothers.

Most of the gameplay is the same from the main game, with the exception of being able to canoe. You spend a portion of the game paddling along in your canoe trying to find the little mouse. Majority of the game actually has you swimming and solving underwater puzzles. I know the story probably involved one of the brothers at least swimming/diving since one brother is always referred to being the swimmer, and the other as good at fighting. So I am guessing the fox represents the brother who was a good swimmer, while Nuna represented the brother who excelled at fighting.


I am just a little disappointed that so much of the game took place underwater. Although there is a greater sense of danger, compared to the main game. As there are two enemies that can kill you instantly. When I got a bit of a shock (and slightly traumatized) by watching the death animation. There is also a new way to solve puzzles, which is removing blockages with stones and using water currents to aid you.

The campaign is rather short giving about an hour or two of playing time. So keep that in mind before purchasing the dlc. The puzzles are relatively simple, with very few that may stump you for a moment or two before you realize how to solve the puzzle. The cultural insight videos are always a treat to watch, and get more knowledge about the Inuit culture. The game is still beautiful visually, and still a great experience; as the game is about the experience more than anything else. The Fox-tales expansion is very solid, without the problems that I found from the main game.


One thought on “Never Alone DLC: Fox Tales

  1. Reblogged this on The White Turtle Rainbow Gaming and commented:
    I believe as White Turtle Rainbow an Ojibwe Gamer Girl that Never Alone is amazing storytelling of indigenous culture and I welcome the expansions. I pray that other Native American nations also join this and have a great time sharing their culture with their Xbox One children and the rest of the world.

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