Packing Mayhem (and blues)

So life decided to throw a right hook unexpectedly recently. While I was celebrating the fact that classes were over, we were suddenly told to expect movers to arrive on the 21st of March to pack our things and move to the Thailand residence. The bearer of the news decided to tell us this on Thursday 17th, which gave us about 3 days to try organize our valuables and what not before they arrived. This is the end of the second day and I feel the remnants of my limited sanity slipping away.

Oh and my internet modem decided to no longer cooperate. Therefore how long the posts will be delayed, I am unsure. I will try however to try get a post or two up while we are at a hotel next week but as I said, everything is up in the wind at this point.

With that said, I shall sign off for the time being.

ps: If you do find my lost sanity please return it to me. I can’t afford to lose the little sanity I had left :3


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