Trine 3: Artifacts of Power

Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power, takes the Trine franchise in a whole new direction, away from the style and mechanics established in the first two game titles. The story continues the adventures of the three heroes since the events of Trine 2.

Once again however, the artifact of souls has whisked them off away on an adventure. The heroes however are not too happy about that.

Trine 3 moves away from the established side-scrolling gameplay to the 3D dimension. While the move from side-scrolling to 3D is a massive gamble for Frozenbyte, it does bring a lot of potential for new puzzles and gameplay mechanics. Whether it met that full potential is up for debate.

The 3D aspect certainly made Trine 3 into one of the most beautiful platformers I have ever seen with its stunning and signature fantasy artwork combined with the wonderful soundtrack composed by Ari Pulkkinen who has composed the soundtracks for all three Trine titles. We also cannot forget Terry Wilton, who returns once more as the fabled narrator for the franchise. However, it does make the game feel awkward at times when it comes to navigating the levels. Especially true when you are trying to solve a puzzle using Amadeus’ box conjuring skills and the box will not go where you tell it to go.20160424203526_1

Trine 3 does remove a lot of the established game mechanics seen in the first two titles such as character skill trees, finding experience potions (for the skill trees) or the chests with collectible artwork.

Frozenbyte’s gamble with Trine 3 has brought a lot of mixed reactions to the game and I admit I was somewhat hesitant to trying the game when I had heard about how much they were moving away from the game’s original style. Not to mention the title felt rather misleading to me, considering while they do mention and show the other artifacts of power, you are still dealing with the titular Trine Artifact of Souls.
In regards to the complaints made about the game, I am rather mixed in my opinion; as on the one hand I can agree and understand with the complaints, on the other I do not think it did not deserve the negativity it has received either. It was a gamble certainly, but it was not exactly a failure either. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and perceptions about the game. As well Frozenbyte had released a statement to address the main complaints in regards to Trine 3: Artifacts of Power.

The game is definitely a lot shorter compared to the older titles, even the little side chapters do little to lengthen the playing time. Trine 2 took me about 13 hours, and Trine 3 took me a few hours to complete entirely and that includes finding all the ‘trineangles’ and completing all the side chapters. I found the game’s short length to be rather disappointing although the side chapters were a nice touch, giving a break from the game’s main plot. The fact that they were usually so short and easily completed helped as well.


The side chapters features only one hero for the entirety of the chapter, and balances quite nicely between the three heroes. Although it certainly felt like Pontius was heavily used for the side chapters. I enjoyed Zoya’s adventures in the side chapters and seeing what she was up to before the main story began. Solving puzzles and navigating ancient ruins went down rather nicely for me. Pontius’ side chapters definitely has an emphasis on combat, which makes sense considering he is the knight of the group. The two distinct variations to his side chapters was quite interesting; considering it was between surviving a wave of enemies (which was painful to complete at times) and a little story of how he fell down and his journey to find a way out back to his friends. Or his quest for cake, that was quite humorous actually. Amadeus’ side-chapters focus mainly in the the Astral Academy as either nightmares or memories.

The story starts off rather well and was good for majority of the game till…the end. The ending of the game invoked some confusion from me even know I was following the story. I am not sure if I liked the twist at the end, but I have to admit I am interested to see how the franchise will end, assuming the next Trine game title will be the finale to the adventures of the three heroes and the artifact of souls.

I think most are disappointed with Trine 3 mainly for the: short length of the game compared to the older titles and the 3D dimension not bringing anything new to the franchise other than the graphics and some improved mechanics. On a serious side-note, those views in the game are I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E!

To be honest, I liked Trine 3: Artifacts of Power and had a wonderful time playing it. I enjoyed the 3D dimensions for the views and new puzzle mechanics they added. At times I was frustrated with the game and other times, I was disappointed with how short the game was or how easily the puzzles were solved. To those who played Trine 1 & 2, I do honestly recommend you try playing this instead of dismissing it out of hand.


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