First Impression: Dark Echo

Before we get to the main post, I just want to apologize for missing the last upload date. The internet has been really uncooperative before it stopped working. We then swapped our internet service provider which meant another day of no internet.  Please accept this humble apology and onwards to the main post!

Dark Echo, is a game I tried out for a while after getting it on the last summer sale (2015). It actually reminded me of another game (Lurking) which had the same concept. The only difference is that Dark Echo is in 2D from a top-down perspective, instead of being in a first person perspective in a 3D world.


It is nice to see another game that uses the same concept of using sound to visualize your surroundings. For me, it is still unique as so far I only know of two games that use that concept. So it is interesting to see how a game is developed around that concept while keeping it enjoyable for the players. Compared to Lurking, this game would most likely be easier for those who record gameplay footage with commentary to record. As it does not need the player’s microphone to create the sound needed to visualize the world around them.

Dark Echo does a great job in introducing the core gameplay mechanics in a way that is easy to understand for most players. While they introduce the new mechanic within only one level, it is easy to master the new mechanic. After they introduce all the core mechanics, as far as I could see from a video I seen and the limited time I had played Dark Echo, it does not seem they introduce any further mechanics or add anything new to the environments. I could be wrong however.


As far as I know, Dark Echo has about 80 levels which is quite impressive, for me at least. It does lead to a possible downside of players finding it repetitive after some time, which is what I felt by the time I reached level 15. However, I do know there is a new mode that unlocks when you beaten the main game, and I do understand that it makes the game much more challenging for players while keeping the same mechanics.

On a whole, I liked the concept of the game using sound to visualize your world, as well using that to help you evade threats. It can be quite immersive as you need headphones for the game, but not to the same degree as Lurking which has you immersed in a different way by including the player’s need to actively make noise to see the world around them. The controls were easy to understand and easy to remember. The 80 levels may become a bit of the chore for some players, while others may enjoy having a large amount of levels to play. I was really excited to get the game at first since it seemed like a game I would enjoy. However by the time I reached level 10, I realized it was not the game for me. Nevertheless, it is a good game with a solid concept and easily understood game mechanics.


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