First Impression: Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon is a rouge-lite bullet hell dungeon crawler, where a band of misfits seek to find the ultimate treasure within the mythical and titular Gungeon: the gun that has the power to kill the past.

Meet the four heroes
Meet the four heroes

To reach your prize you must shoot, dodge roll, table flip and loot your way through the gungeon’s levels. Fighting the ‘Gundead’ who seek to stop the heroes from reaching the relic.

Despite knowing the game saying it was rouge-lite and even was tagged as ‘difficult’ on the Steam store page, I honestly did not expect it to be as hard or challenging as it was. In my defense, when I saw the tag, I just assumed it be only a tad challenging. Not the difficult “I am going to rage any second now soon” variety. Needless to say, I was punished harshly for that assumption as I still have yet to beat a single boss on the first level or as the game calls it ‘chamber one’. I’m still pretty sad about that, I would be so happy if I could just beat one boss. I was close by getting one of them down to quarter health left…then I died when I didn’t dodge roll on time. So much devastation was felt that day.

The gungeon constantly changes its layout constantly that no matter how many times you replay the game, the maze-like dungeon never will have the design. It suits the game very well as it encourages players to explore the level to find secrets, better weapons and merchants before going after the boss.

I feel so bad now
Accurate depiction of me on my failure to beat a chamber one boss after several attempts

The pixel graphics and soundtrack are a bonus as well. I actually recommend you guys to get the soundtrack if possible when buying this game.

The one thing I wasn’t a fan of the game so far was how easy it was to fall into the water in the game. It is more of my fault and not the game since I was the one who kept forgetting there was no invisible wall/boundary to prevent you from falling in. It was so heart breaking when I did fall in while trying to avoid many projectiles from the enemies, only to die by falling in water. I had such a nice weapon too.


Overall, Enter the Gungeon has given me a very good first impression in the 2 hours I played the game. I had a blast shooting my way through waves of enemies, dodge rolling enemy projectiles, flipping over tables to use them for cover, exploring the levels to find either secrets or a merchant. Boss battles definitely get quite chaotic which can give a sense of emergency as you frantically try to dodge but at the same time, try to kill the boss.

Definitely will be getting back to this game and doing my best to master it and eventually beat the gungeon.


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