Revamping the blog

So during the time since my last post (19th August), I been going through doing a bit of a revamp. Took…a bit longer than I had anticipated but I persevered through it!

So the blog obviously now has a new background color for starters, and new fonts for the post body text and post header. Some of the posts, especially older posts now have shorter url links (or slugs if you prefer) as some had ridiculously long url links. Most posts now have fewer screenshots compared to when they were first uploaded, which lead to the happy side effect of freeing up the media library which went from 47% to 29%. Freeing 18% of space is quite a happy turnabout for me.

Posts that had broken links due to either the sites being shut down or having a domain change, are all updated to have working links. I do not think I missed any posts that may potentially had a broken link. If I did, please let me know.

I also fixed the categories around as I noticed that the mods and official add-ons both had the same sub-categories (i.e. fallout 3) with no distinction between the two. So some of the posts were wrongly categorized as a result. Now there is a clearer distinction between the sub categories. Besides that, I also added some sub-categories that were originally missing. Besides that, I also fixed the Atomic Loot category as that is obviously no longer being continued.

Still debating if I want to keep the Portal 2 custom test chambers category, as there is only two posts in that category. Might just cut it and leave those two posts categorized as a mod review possibly. Oh, decisions.

Thought adding a mobile apps category and doing something involving that. However, I do not play many mobile app games so whether that would be a viable idea remains up in the air for me. Also considering changing the theme and did find a few that I liked, but didn’t manage to get my blog to look the way I wanted it too. That, and I did not want to reorganize all my side bar widgets again. 🙂


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