Game Demo: The Magic Circle

While browsing the Steam store because of ‘reasons’, I stumbled upon a game called: The Magic Circle. The premise of the story intrigued me so I checked it out.

The concept behind the game got my attention but I was still unsure whether I would actually want to buy the game. Noticed it had a demo and decided to give a demo a try.Needless to say, I enjoyed the demo enough to actually want to buy the game, which is something I have not done yet unfortunately. I think I will definitely grab the game the next time I see it on a sale, if I remember. Or when I just decide to impulsively buy it.

The Magic Circle has a concept I have not seen before, or at least from memory anyway. I would not be surprised if there are other games that have a similar idea, but this is a first for me. Me being myself, I appreciated the dark comic humor of the game. No idea why, my sense of humor is rather eclectic.

The idea is that you are a protagonist of a video game that is stuck in development hell. The ‘gods’ that rule over your world are the designers who quarrel and cannot reach an agreement over anything, leaving you have no abilities or whatsoever. In fact, one of them even takes away your sword. *sulks*20160627215513_1

You later gain some game developmental powers from a mysterious voice. Using these abilities, you will explore the world while rewriting the creations of the designers to suit your own needs. Now the question is whether you are going to ship the game from within or cancel it?

The environments of the ‘game’ are incomplete leaving you to explore and “fill” in to continue your explorations of the world, as this is not your typical puzzle. There is no straight answer or puzzle. I just explored around and ended up stumbling on ways to progress further into the strange world. Not that I’m going to complain since that was one of my favorite aspects of the demo. The more you explore, the more you can find such as creations/behaviors to exploit or more into the inner workings of the design team and why they get along like oil and water.

The Magic Circle has certainly got my attention and I truly look forward to playing the full game when I am able too. The whole idea of you going into the pseudo-code of these creations and changing them to suit your needs was ingenious in my opinion. Gives the vibe that you are essentially hacking/breaking the game from within. Focusing on black and white in their visual style makes the colors pop vividly. The hand-drawn ink style does not hurt either.


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