eRegime (Re-uploaded)

First of all, I would like to apologize for the eRegime post disappearing. It seems I may had unintentionally deleted it while I was revamping the blog some time back, and never noticed it. Sorry. That was my bad.

Update 19/9/16: Thanks to Dawaldo for providing a link leading to the original post I had and again, for pointing out that the post was down.

About a week ago (July 15th,2015), I was asked whether I was willing to help promote a forum game called eRegime by Dawaldo, who is one of the site founders and active user.

Below is a very brief introduction provided by Dawaldo that touches on the following points about eRegime:

    • brief history of the forum
    • how eRegime is run
    • what the community is like
    • forum games currently on eRegime

eRegime is quite simply a forum for forum games. It has been in existence for three years and originates in forum games conducted on a number of forums (RevLeft, Paradox and SomethingAwful among them) as well as a predecessor forum which was active in the last months of 2008 and the first months of 2009. The forum’s user-base decides what sort of games they would like to run, and the GM (or GMs if there’s more than one) are given full moderator powers over whatever forum areas they need to run their games.

The community as you might imagine is comprised of elements from all over the Internet, yet it is able to maintain a certain standard and have the community police itself. The forum administration headed by Ismail and tyulpan is accountable to the users in a number of ways, one of which involves electing a total of 60 users every two years to set standards, investigate complaints, overturn any acts of arbitrariness carried out by an administrator or super-moderator, and so on. In this way the users play an active part in not just proposing and running forum games but in helping to administer the forum itself and therefore recognize it as something worth defending.

All sorts of forum games are run on eRegime. The two most common types though are Balance of Power (where players play as countries, generally in a Cold War setting, with an actual list of rules and actions to choose from) and country simulators (where players play as individual characters in a country and where much of the game-play is free-form). BoP XI was run last year and had over 60 players. The most notable countrysim is Imperio Yucateco which lasted almost a whole year and was GMed by MercZ.

eRegime has also been the birthplace of Bloc, a popular web-game which subsequently moved onto its own forum. The original Bloc forum still exists in the archived section of the forum.

For those who are interested in joining eRegime or checking it out can do so in the link provided below:


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