Osiris: New Dawn [Early Access] (First Impressions)

Osiris: New Dawn is a space survival game current on Early Access on the Steam store. A friend of mine asked me to try the game out with him for two reasons:

  1. We haven’t played any co-op games together for a long time now due to our conflicting schedules
  2. The game looked really good with its game trailer and screenshots (I also cheated by looking a few gameplay videos on YouTube before making my final decision)

Considering I died at least three times alone after spawning in after joining his game, before finally meeting up with him at his location, add in sudden death from surprise giant sand-worm of absolute death….we have an excellent start to the game!

Okay, despite the introduction about the deaths I have suffered within the first two days of playing this game, I swear I am actually having a lot of fun. Even when I got stuck on my inflatable dome last night for over five minutes before my friend came to rescue me. I still have no idea how I got irreversibly stuck on it. Do you know how terrifying it is to be stuck, knowing you cannot move and realize you can’t even get your pistol out to defend yourself? On a funnier note, turns out even aliens couldn’t hit me.

Despite it being in early access, it is a very playable game that has a lot of potential. Many of the main mechanics are in the game which are focused mainly on survival such as: gathering resources and base-building to make life on a hostile alien planet a little easier. There is plenty of hostile aliens to keep you on your toes. Last night alone, I had to fight three aliens at once alone, that was not a fun time. I died a few times last night now that I think about it.

At the time of this post, we played on is build 0.469 which includes vehicles such as a hover-bike and even a spaceship! Not sure if it is possible to fly out into space yet since I don’t believe they implemented anything for space stations and what not. Can’t wait for the update when you actually begin building space stations orbiting around the planet. However, what is now available to the player is plenty enough to keep them busy while waiting for the new builds to be released. Although if we can just fix the issue about building things nearby in co-op would be great. We were so disappointed when we found out we could not make another habitat to connect to our existing habitat because it was too close to existing habitat. Or the fact we couldn’t put our inflatable domes near each other cause apparently you cannot build a dome near each other? I was not a big fan of that considering it seemed counter-productive to force co-op partners to build their respective domes so far away from one another. Safety in numbers!

I have very few complaints. One was not being clear that you only had four quick keys available at the time, I was under the impression I could use all eight quick keys and was confused why I was unable to equip my pistol. That is what lead to my first three deaths before I realized what the problem was. The other relates to the droid you have, I just feel they are remarkably slow so they have a hard time catching up with you. We took our droids with us on a mineral gathering expedition and they ended up lost somewhere on the planet cause they could not follow us, whether that was due to the speed we were going at or the terrain is unclear. Maybe a combination of both. Second complaint is already mentioned earlier about the building habitats and inflatable domes, I really do not like that whole restriction.

On a whole, I am immensely enjoying this game. I think it has great potential and look forward to the new builds as it slowly reaches its way to being a fully released game. I played it both on single-player and co-op. While you can get by in single-player, it is definitely easier to survive when you have a partner. I haven’t tried the public multiplayer servers yet, and I doubt I will though. Either way, can’t wait to get back into the game later this evening to continuing building up our base and collecting more resources.


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